Newsweek’s Tina Brown Trashes Andrew Breitbart on NPR

Tina Brown is a parasite.


 Utterly disgusting, and full of lies:

Breitbart didn’t report anything, really.

What Breitbart did was, he was a provocateur, he was a ‘death by a thousand tweets’; he was quite happy to take the flying soundbite, any soundbite, and misapply it … and create an absolute mayhem for the person concerned.

On Shirley Sherrod: “He gave the impression by the cutting of her words in a tape that he released that she was giving racially motivated financing decisions — when actually she was doing the very opposite.

So this was really using a kind of bastardization of journalism through the … Web and tweeting and just simply using the Internet as a tool for activism.

Of course these degenerates never had the guts to say it to Andrew Breitbart when he was alive because he would rip them apart. It takes a lot of courage to strike at someone after they’ve died, doesn’t it, Tina?

What this is really about is that the rise of the “citizen journalist” destroying the prominence and relevance of a dying media industry that serves only to protect liberalism.

Mock on, Tina Brown, you will quickly be consigned to the dustbin of history

h/t Accuracy in Media