Obama Fails to Respond to Calls for NOAA Corruption Investigation


Even while the Obama administration is dogged by charges of corruption at the GSA, sex scandals in his own Secret Security detail, and the murder of over 300 Mexican nationals in addition to 2 American border agents, another scandal has popped up at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Association.

Senator Scott Brown has pushed for the Department of Justice to investigate the charges, and sent a letter to Obama urging that there is more than enough evidence to justify the effort. He alleges that NOAA purchased a $300k boat that was used for pleasure cruises of the employees, and spent millions of dollars without accounting for what it was for. Read his letter here. Secondly, when questioned about the charges, NOAA administrators first denied, then covered up evidence of the scandal.

What is the Obama Administration’s answer to these charges?


He’s not even voting “present“.

Maybe Obama should stop chasing after Bo with knife and fork in hand, or put off some of those insanely expensive campaign donation dinners to actually, oh I don’t know… do his job? Remember that election we had a while ago, Obama? It wasn’t just to praise you as our savior – you’re supposed to be commanding one third of the government.

Watch the video of Scott Brown blasting the NOAA for the boat purchase:

h/t Townhall.com

Of course the leftist media will swoop in to protect the president, and some Republicans have even commented that he should not be personally responsible for everything that happens under his watch because the government is so vast. But that’s kind of the point, isn’t it? If the government is so large that not even the president can be held responsible for it, shouldn’t it be pared down?

Now let’s take a look back at one of Obama’s promises during the 2008 campaign:

Ah that’s Obama promising to go “line by line” through government legislation to make sure we cut out waste and corruption. Add to this Nancy Pelosi’s screeching about the Republicans and their “culture of corruption”, and then pushing an enormous healthcare bill through that no one had read.

This joke of an administration would be funny if it weren’t so harmful.