Anti-NATO Occupier Activist Threatens Cop Via Twitter

The Occupy Activist known as PunkBoyinSF tweeted what seemed like a threat to a specific policeman tonight at the NoNATO protest:


Then he followed up with a badge number:

I blocked it out for his protection.

Notice the responses by “ActivistaPress” and ProjecTIcarus“:

Remember this would not be the first time that a threat by twitter was taken seriously by the authorities. Rusty Braxton was investigated by the New York police for doing similar during the occupy Wall Street protest.

Considering that the protesters in Chicago have already been caught trying to firebomb the meeting of world leaders as well as Rahm Emanuel’s office, I’m sure the police take all such threats seriously.

By the way, that cop threw a punch after a filthy protester knocked a helmet off a different cop and bashed him on the head with a stick. Full pics here.