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More OccupyingLIES: Jack Amico’s “Hit and Run” Incident at Chicago Nato Protest

I posted about a week ago about the incident during the NO NATO protests in Chicago about the supposed running over of an occupier by a police van that Occupy Wall Street has been trying to push onto the news media.

Many Occupy larvae have posted in the comments section and linked to my site saying,

“Conservative blogs have used this footage to claim that no one was injured and that supporters of the Occupy Movement have fabricated the incident. The individual being pushed by the van and stepping out of the way on the conservative blogs is not Jack Amico. Other angles show Amico being treated by Occupy medics and transported to an ambulance by Chicago police.

The victim was admitted to Northwestern Memorial Hospital and was treated and released into police custody during the night. According to @OWSBC, Jack Amico” [sic]

The fabrication of the incident was in saying that the van “barreled” through the occupiers, when in fact, it came to a complete stop, giving them an opportunity to get out of the way, which they chose to ignore. These same degenerate maggots cry and whine that ambulances don’t get to them quick enough while they purposely block emergency response vehicles. Capitalism and society is only evil until the entitlement filthy parasites get a hangnail, then they demand full support.

Now do you really think someone can get run over by an entire van and simply be released that night without grievous injury? We’ve seen this kind of absolute brazen lie from the occupiers before, in the case of Cecily McMillan.

read Occupying LIES, and Occupier Assaults Police

And what’s their evidence? They cite this tweet from another occupy account, which doesn’t even mention any injuries:

So 4 hours later, he walks away perfectly fine? Absolutely ridiculous. Here is testimony from Jack Amico himself about the incident:

But what’s missing from all the news reports is Amico’s story. Before leaving Chicago Monday night, he spoke with the OCT. His Northwestern Memorial Hospital bracelet was still on his wrist.

Amico approached the van when, he says, he saw his friend standing, unaware, with his back to it. Amico was hit in the chest and fell hard, slamming his head onto the pavement.

“It stomped on the gas the second I stepped in front. It was intentional,” he told OCT. “Mind you, they sped off after this. It was a hit and run.”

These moron occupiers lie without even thinking that evidence completely contradicts them – just watch the video! Here’s another video in addition the ones I’ve posted already that clearly shows ALL the occupiers staring and accosting the cop van.

How is it possible that Jack Amico stepped in for a friend who  was “standing, unaware, with his back to” the ambulance. Again, WATCH the video. What was his friend smoking that he didn’t notice this very loud van that was blaring alarms, and had everyone else attacking? Amico doesn’t even care enough to lie convincingly.

If this had been the Tea Party, the headline would have been shrieking, “White Protesters Attack Black Policemen!!”


This snapshot from the video shows how the occupiers were shining bright lights into the cab of the van, preventing the policeman from seeing what was outside.

A spokesperson for Northwestern Memorial confirmed Amico had been “treated and released,” but couldn’t give any more details.

Four hours later.

Let’s take a look at Jack Amico.

Very much like Cecily McMillan, he is a wannabe leader of the degenerate occupiers. This is evidenced by the fact that he’s always somehow finding the press to speak to, or pose for pictures, at occupy events all across the country.

 Here he is in New York City.

Here he is in Washington DC.

Again, chasing reporters in New York City

Like Cecily, Jack most likely saw his opportunity to bask in the spotlight by pretending to be hurt by a cop, and his paranoid pot-head compatriots are eager to propagate the lie because it furthers their anarchist anti-American agenda.

Don’t let them spread their diseased degenerate sickness – let them know we’re watching and ready to dismantle their lies.