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Occupy Wall Street Morons Tweet Ideas for a “Sustainable Society”

There is a twitter account for the Occupy movement that has 112,000 followers, which makes it more or less representative of the movement. It often gives me occasion for gleeful ridicule and mexy-maniacal laughter.

Tonight’s edition has occupiers injecting some bath salts and answering the call to organizing a “sustainable society”!!


Ron Paulbots are the only bots that don’t require a software program! Thank goodness political science wisdom is directly proportional to how well your policies rhyme! End the FED!! Screw the JOOZ!! Wanker those Banksters!!

Thank you Jay!! Nothing like using the word you’re trying to define IN the definition of the word! That’s some impressive bath salt solipsism! More knowledge please.

Except the joo banksters, eat them. And the pigs, f**k the pigs. Eat the banksters, f**k the pigs.

While that’s a fine sentiment, our society is not going to “crumble” because we have a lot of “poor” – we have much less poor than we have ever had, and they’re more prosperous than nearly any other poor people around the world. So shove it, hippy.

More liberal tolerance!! Round up the Republicans! THAT’S how we’ll have a sustainable society, because look at all the liberally controlled states and cities around the country, they’re just snappy, aren’t they?

DESTROY the family!! All sustainable societies have never depended on strong families! I have a feeling Ilyse doesn’t need to worry about any imperialist male imposing his fascist wedding band imprisonment on her: No thanks, genius. *LonelyTwinkles*

We have to.. uh.. snort bath salts. Or we’ll all die. Should we take this as a threat? I think this guy is gonna chew our faces off if we don’t pay for his internets.

Utterly impossible! Capitalism hasn’t sustained the longest existing constitutional nation for the last 240 years. Nope. It was cop-car-crapping degenerate maggots fornicating in the streets that maintained us. Obviously.

YES! KILL all those jerks who bring death!! Bring death to those who kill! Destroy Capitalism and kill those who disagree. Sounds familiar.

Let’s start by not raping each other in our park tents, ok? No? Ok. Baby steps.

How the holy Hellespont was Zucotti a “sustainable” society? They were begging people to send them money, food, supplies, and were producing nothing but Marxist chants, filth, feces, and fornication! Ah, the stench of sustainability!


Yes, let’s return to solar thermal energy, ahhh those good ol’ colonial days when all the people were better off, frolicking through the solar panel trees, tweeting on their iPhones about how amazing everything is without Capitalism. And how will we have solar energy? The people! We don’t need corporations to make our solar panels! We’ll make them by knitting our armpit hair together and gluing glitter on it!

By the way, Zucotti “thermal energy” means rape. Sorry gals. *downtwinkles*

“True equality” means you’re forced into co-ops whether you like it or not. And destroy the federal government. Also, have the federal government pay off your student loans.

The best answer came, as usual, from a handsome Latino in a dashing mask:


I love that guy!!