White House Press Secretary Carney Takes Questions from Odd Twitter People

Today the White House tried again to navigate the waters of the social media sharktank of twitter. They know that conservatives are the sharks that patrol these waters, and the admin has had hashtag campaigns hijacked a few times already.



So I was on the lookout for any shenanigans this time around, and was not disappointed!

First there was this account that didn’t have hardly any tweets before, but all of a sudden shot off about 60 questions to the hashtag #1Q which Carney had set to receive questions:


This was his vapid response:


This Greg Goldywn has had only 34 tweets since the 12th of May, and 29 of them were questions for Carney. And it was a complete softball. Coincidence?


At least with the next guy, they took the time to get him a picture, though it’s not a very appealing one:

Again, this guy barely has any tweets, and a quick look at his followers shows mostly spam bots, and democratic operatives. More coincidence!

I think his profile description says it all.


This last one is even better – they actually accepted a very friendly blogger who had been invited to the White House just last November!

Here is the question and answer from Carney’s account:

A quick look at Dorothy’s profile shows a link:

And her bio:

Here she is all smiley at the White House!

Phew! This administration makes some gutsy calls on transparency and answering questions! From non-people (or composite people?) and friends of the White House. Maybe they’ll cancel their press conferences all together in favor of these! Much easier to control…

This is not surprising, nor is it the first time that they tried to deceive the twittersphere. For #WHChat, they actually cherry picked questions from supporters before the hashtag was even released publicly!

That way they won’t have to answer questions like:

Twitchy has some other hilarious questions that Carney neglected to answer!

Update: Dorothy has denied any collaboration with the Obama campaign.