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Olbermann-Wannabe Cenk Unkyar Whines, “Obama is not Progressive” and “Democracy Died!”

It’s one thing for a teary-eyed random Wisconsinite to whine that “Democracy is DEAD!!”, but even though this video is a little less passionate, it’s just as satisfying because it’s Al Gore’s backup boy for Keith Olbermann sputtering that we don’t live in a Democracy anymore:

Of course, for these morons, that Obama is a coward, which we on the Right have been saying for 4 years, means he’s not Left-wing enough. Brilliant!

“I don’t think Obama is a real Progressive anyway….”

Leftists think like Nietzsche in the way that De Tocqueville described Americans as Cartesians – they didn’t study Descartes, it’s just in the air. In the same way, Unkyar is too braindead to realize his support of Obama depends not on his ideology but whether he has the power to push the agenda through. It doesn’t matter that Obama still believes much of the degenerate policy decisions Cenk does, what matters is that he was too impotent to impose them. That’s why Cenk is abandoning him.

Towards the end, “Progressive” maggot Unkyar propels himself into pseudo-Marxism:

“And so, whoever has more money always wins…. But the answer is not the votes, it’s in the money. That’s why I think democracy died. I thought it died before Wisconsin, but Wisconsin was a perfect example of it.

We don’t have a representative Democracy. Your votes don’t matter nearly as much as the person who has more money!

The last fact on this I love, and I say it all the time, because you gotta get it through your head: 93% of the time in Congressional races, the guy with more money wins. 93% of the time. Money is the ultimate in this system, and this system, unfortunately, is no longer a democracy. That’s what Progressives have to fight against.”

Ok dimwit. So basically, correlation is causation. It must take all of Cenks 2 and a half diseased brain cells to muster enough mouse-power to vomit forth such vapid idiocy. It can’t possibly be that when the people are overwhelmingly decided on one side that this is where most of the money flows? Also, completely ignore the fact that in the Lieutenant Governor’s race, the Democrat completely overwhelmed the Republican in spending, and still lost. Morons.

If you seriously believe that our system is so broken, why do you believe you can fix it from within? Unkyar is either hyperbolically shrieking in order to incite his equally dimwitted audience, or he’s just as cowardly as Obama is in seeking after his far Left agenda.

I guess that makes him a fake Progressive too.


I’m not even gonna get into the idiocy of saying we’re getting less democratic in historical context.


By the way, idiot liberals have been spewing forth the ridiculous lie that the Right outspent the filthy liberals in Wisconsin by 7-1. The truth is that it’s closer to just twice as much.

And further, if you list the top ten contributors to political campaigns since 1989, 7 of them are Unions or other Leftwing organizations. So shut the hell up already.

And watch this video.