Former Obama Czar Van Jones: EPA Bureaucrats Better Than Military

Obama Green Jobs Czar, Marxist 911-truther, and Glenn Beck pinata Van Jones closed the Progressive conference Netroots with a stirring speech praising the EPA bureacrats for saving more Americans than the Military.

No, really.

And he got applause from the dim-witted bath-salt-snorting entitlement socialists attending the annual meeting of parasitic maggots.

Video of the full speech from the Blaze:

The video starts at where Van Jones is criticizes the Tea Party for wanting to cut the overgrown government:

Do you think they’re joking? The EPA has probably saved more American lives than the Department of Defense in the last 30 years.

They probably saved more American lives than the Department of Defense.

Now notice he hedges his bet here twice – first by saying “probably”, and next by limiting it to the last 30 years. The American military can be thanked for countless of lives saved, both American and around the world. In the last 30 years, there simply haven’t been large military engagements where American lives have been directly saved, but that doesn’t mean they weren’t, only that this concept is much too difficult for the childish attendants at Netroots.

Please, liberals, please run on this platform. That you think America might be moved to love the faceless bureaucrats at the EPA over the brave men and women of the military shows how little you know about Americans, and how little you appreciate the sacrifices made in your name. I will give you money if you purposely run commercials with Obama linked to the EPA, and saying they are more important than the military.

Van Jones further on says that Conservatives have acted more heinously than any other in all of America’s history. Really? Like worse than slavery? Usually Marxists are very happy to string along an enormous list of America’s heinous acts, until they have to fearmonger some idiots at a liberal convention, then all of a sudden Paul Ryan is the worst American in all of history.

After the speech, Politico reporter captured him saying that celebrated Fauxcahontas indian-identity-giver Elizabeth Warren has the brightest future in the Democrat party:

If that wretch is the best you got, the liberals are in a lot of trouble!