Progressives at Netroots Convention Whine About Obama

At the end of the progressive convention in Rhode Island, President Obama one-upped his tweet support for Tom Barrett and the Wisconsin Unions, and actually made a campaign video filmed for his supporters.

They were not happy.

— Heysailor! (@heysailor53) June 9, 2012


There must have been a Ron Paul/Code Pink crazy in the crowd:


  Some tried to put a positive spin on it:


Francesca Chambers from Red Alert Politics noted the irony of Obama making a video for Netroots and only sending a tweet to support Tom Barrett:

After the video, Howard Dean spoke, and I noted:


And during Van Jones’ keynote address:

From Daily Beast crackhead:


Earlier in the convention, during a panel on Latinos and Immigration:

Even the hard-left “useful idiots” are upset at Obama’s performance. This is just more evidence that Obama’s base is confused, angry, disillusioned and desperate.

Let’s start talking about an enthusiasm gap for 2012.