Election Twitter Campaign Costs $24 Million!

Derek Willis from the NY Times tweeted out a pretty outrageous campaign finance disclosure today from Rogelio Gloria, a Republican running for US Senate representing California. While I hate to ding our own, this is pretty funny.

Rogelio, who served in Iraq as a Navy Veteran, filed an expenditure for twitter use of $24 million. Wow. That’s some impressive tweeting:

Seriously, Rogelio, God bless you for your service to our country, but $24 million for tweeting?!?

This is his account:

To date, the campaign has 967 tweets. That’s $24,000 per tweet. Ay guey!

Let’s not be too critical, he did manage to get 6 followers. That includes a dating spambot, and an eggy spambot.

Rogelio, homie. Let me take over your account for your campaign. I promise to DOUBLE your follower count. And I’ll do it for the low low price of $20k a tweet. Email me, compa.


Still, it makes me wonder just how much scrutiny they’re giving the Democratic nominee.