Cop Teaches a Lesson to a #NATGAT Occupier

This hippy would just not get out of the way of this cop while he was making an arrest, which is a crime, so the cop simply gave him a warning. To the throat. I feel bad for the old man, but don’t mess with the cops and expect to get away with it…

This was taped at the occupy “National Gathering” in Philadelphia. 6.30.12


NLG Lawyer’s 10-Year Sentence For Aiding Terrorist Approved; Obama Might Release Terrorist to Egypt

Earlier I had posted about Lynne Stewart, a lawyer who worked for the NLG, the National Lawyer’s Guild. The NLG pays particular attention to helping the Occupy Wall Street maggots by giving them free legal advice and representation.

It was through their intercession that the Occupy LA degenerates had a slap on the wrist while causing tens of millions of dollars of damage to Los Angeles.

Stewart, as one of the NLG’s lawyers, represented Abdel Rahman, otherwise known as the “Blind Sheikh” during his trial for ordering the 1993 attack on the World Trade Center in New York, that resulted in six deaths and injured more than a 1,000.

NLG lawyer Lynne Stewart was convicted for, “conspiring to provide material support to the conspiracy to kill and kidnap persons in a foreign country, and with conspiring to conceal and disguise Abdel Rahman’s service as personnel to prepare for and carry out that conspiracy.”

Stewart had originally faced up to 5 years in prison, and was only given 28 months, but it was just announced that the extension of her sentence to 10 years has been approved despite her protestations:

The 2nd U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in Manhattan said Thursday that it disagreed with Stewart’s claim that her sentence was “shockingly high.” It is accusing the now-disbarred lawyer of exhibiting a “stark inability to understand the seriousness of her crimes.”

Now compare her treatment to that of the Blind Sheikh. In March of this year, it was reported that Obama was in negotiations to release Rahman to Egypt:

The Arabic-language newspaper al-Arabiya reported on Tuesday that the Obama administration has offered to release Sheikh Omar Abdel Rahman to Egypt. Abdel Rahman is the infamous “Blind Sheikh” who was convicted in 1995 for masterminding a terrorist war against the United States that included the 1993 World Trade Center bombing and a plot to bomb New York City landmarks. According to the late Osama bin Laden, al-Qaeda’s founder, Abdel Rahman is also responsible for the fatwa — the necessary Islamic edict — that green-lighted the 9/11 attacks. Continue reading

Why, Roberts, WHY?!? An Explanation for Roberts’ Obamacare Vote

Good explanation:

It’s important to note that Roberts, knowing that Kennedy was going to go over to the dark side, switched his vote for tactical purposes.  

This is because the Chief Justice has prerogative to write the majority opinion, so he writes it.  This is commonly done so that the more liberal members cannot use the majority opinion to write in new powers, etc.

Essentially Roberts did this to reign in any possible abuses, so he basically, from what I can see, just said this was a tax, but that the government didn’t have authority to force you to do things, [only] to tax.  He limited the government’s reach, whereas if Kennedy or *GASP* Kagan had written the majority opinion, they might have given the government almost plenipotentiary powers.

Ok. That calms me down a bit.

Addendum: By “dark side”, the writer meant our side, as a joke. A lot of people are confusing this. Apologies.

Addendum: Roberts would have written the majority opinion if he had voted against the law too. So, the explanation only works if he thought it would have passed without his vote, or if it was going to go down by more than one vote.   Continue reading


I heard this on the radio and quickly recorded it to make sure I could share it with my conservative friends.

 I’m glad the SCOTUS-BLOG is marketing itself, but this seems… I dunno.. a little extreme?

Take a listen and tell me what you think:


[update: video!]




Department of Justice Arizona Immigration Hotline Phone Call


When the news broke that the Department of Justice had set up a “hotline” to call in abuses of civil liberties in Arizona after the Supreme Court ruled on SB1070, I didn’t think much of it.

Then I called in. I can’t believe what I heard.

Luckily, I recorded it:

[with collaborative help from The Right Scoop!]


Available on the yootoobs [cuts out a few seconds at the end]

Michelle Malkin Forces Howard Kurtz To Publicly “Say Soopermexican”

Michelle Malkin has been just incredibly supportive in making sure the Old Media didn’t escape the implications of my #WAWAGate story exposing the liberal bias of MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell. She was especially tenacious in demanding media reporters like Howard Kurtz credit social media, and this blog for digging up the truth.

Read about this at TwitchyTeam’s article. Well, the pressure must have gotten to Howard Kurtz: Thanks to the Right Scoop for grabbing this video! Continue reading

Martin Bashir Defended Andrea Mitchell’s “Journalistic Integrity” – No Comment on WAWAgate?

More fallout from MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell’s thoroughly enjoyable “WAWAgate” scandal. Martin Bashir just 2 months ago went to bat for Andrea, completely denying any liberal bias, and vehemently defending her high “journalistic standards.”

Let’s go to the tape!

He calls Andrea, “a colleague, a friend and – in this broadcast’s opinion – one of the finest journalists in the country.”

“Andrea Mitchell has spent her career defining the odds, shattering glass ceilings, staring down presidents and dictators and all in search of the unvarnished truth… taken up by Mr. O’Reilly as an example of ‘the declining journalist standards in America’. He also implied, erroneously, that Andrea Mitchell is partof a Left-leaning press corps, which has no interest in the business of proper reporting.”

He then excoriates Fox with an error they made:

“Fox news reprimanded Mr. Cameron, took the posting down, and apologized for the incident, which they said was meant in jest.

And what did they blame for this outrageous error? Fatigue and bad judgement. Which might just apply to Mr. O’Reilly’s absurd, false, and unmerited attack on Andrea Mitchell.”

Wow, that’s a lot of righteous indignation! I wonder if Martin Bashir will be as biting in his retraction of her journalistic integrity after this last week? Actually I don’t.

Martin Bashir’s trashing of Bill O’Reilly after citing Fox News actually taking responsibility for their error is that much more glaring when he is unwilling to admonish his own colleague for obviously fulfilling the charge O’Reilly made.


Former CBS Producer Disgusted by MSNBC Edits: “What the hell is wrong with you?”

Former CBS Producer Disgusted by MSNBC WAWA Edits: “What the hell is wrong with you guys?”

After a solid week of MSNBC being hammered by other media outlets about their airing of a deceptively edited video to smear Romney on the Andrea Mitchell show, I’m sure they hoped the story would just go away.

It looks like they might have a bad weekend.

Andrea Mitchell’s shameless non-apology on Tuesday precipitated an angry message from Greg Kandra, former CBS news writer and producer, who had previously defended the news media from accusations of liberal bias.

The blog post entitled, “Memo to NBC: What the hell is wrong with you?” reads as follows [emphasis added]:

Today, we have Andrea Mitchell’s spectacularly lame followup to “criticism of the Romney clip edit” — which amounted to Ms. Mitchell saying, with a sigh and a frown, “Oh, bother. Fine. Here’s what we left out.” She failed to acknowledge what the “criticism” entailed; she neglected to point out how the editing misrepresented the event being covered; and she offered nothing resembling an apology or an admission of responsibility for something that was, as a matter of fact, irresponsible.

I’m tired. Truly. I’ve grown weary of trying to defend the indefensible and explain the inexplicable. For years, people have stomped their feet and pounded their fists and snorted “Liberal media bias!” and I’ve always tut-tutted and shooshed them and said, “No, no. Calm down. They meant well. It was just a misunderstanding. A mistake. These things happen.” I spent over 25 years working in the oft-reviled Mainstream Media and I saw up close and personal how the sausage was made. I knew the people who wielded the knives and wore the aprons, and could vouch (most of the time, anyway) for their good intentions.

But now?

Forget it. I’m done. You deserve what they’re saying about you. It’s earned. You have worked long and hard to merit the suspicion, acrimony, mistrust and revulsion that the media-buying public increasingly heaps upon you. You have successfully eroded any confidence, dispelled any trust, and driven your audience into the arms of the Internet and the blogosphere, where biases are affirmed and like-minded people can tell each other what they hold to be true, since nobody believes in objective reality any more. You have done a superlative job of diminishing what was once a great profession and undermining one of the vital underpinnings of democracy, a free press.

Good job.

I just have one question:

What the hell is wrong with you guys?


This is not the first news media professional to call out NBC and Andrea Mitchell, but he’s pretty clear in it’s disgust and demand that NBC’s tacit denials are simply unacceptable.

Try to enjoy the weekend, Andrea.

Thanks to NEWSBUSTERS for bringing attention to Kandra’s post.
Check out my braggy post citing all the kudos I received from the Media

Video, Podcasts, Cartoons About My WAWAGate Story

I have reached the summit of my blogging career – the intelligent and lovely Dana Perino mentioned me on the Hannity Show:

Of course, they were discussing the story I broke about Andrea Mitchell smearing Mitt Romney with a deceptively edited video. The story made it all the way to the front page of the Fox News Website. Continue reading

CORRECTED: Another Video Showing Eric Holder Knew About Fast and Furious in 2009; Gun Control Advocacy


Michelle Malkin tweeted this out today in reference to stories like the one I posted below:

After looking at the link she enclosed, I think what I posted below is misleading. I apologize profusely. I will try to be more diligent in my reporting in the future.

I do however, think it’s significant that Eric Holder and the Deputy Attorney General were advocating for gun control in 2009, specifically for the sake of curtailing gun violence in Mexico.


The Right Scoop has reported on an amazing video seeming to show evidence that Eric Holder and Obama knew about the Gunrunner program in 2009.

Just in case you still don’t believe it, TRScoop has dropped another video wherein the Deputy Attorney General David Ogden specifically names Eric Holder when announcing the fortification of the Gunrunner program to trace guns smuggled into Mexico.



For those of you who will contest this clip is out of context, go watch the entire 30 min news conference at C-SPAN.

The Left has gone through a lot of histrionics to paint conservatives are conspiracy-nuts because of the general consensus that the intent of Fast and Furious was to increase violence in Mexico, blame lax gun laws, and impose gun control in America.

That’s just crazy, right?! Continue reading

Obama 2012, Media Matters, and the Attempt to Shut Down Conservative Speech

As we trudge our way to election day 2012, more and more malfeasance by the liberal Left is being uncovered by the unsung heroes of this election cycle – the bloggers.

This latest involves a complex web that suggests the Obama re-election campaign is coordinating with liberal activists to deceive the public that attempts to shut down conservative speech are grown from the “grassroots”, instead of being falsely manufactured by tech-savvy secretive operatives.

One such attempt was the targeting of Rush Limbaugh during the Sandra Fluke debacle. It is now known that those organizing the #StopRush campaign were using hundreds of fake identities in order to make it appear that public outrage was greater than it was.

But how is the Obama campaign involved? Continue reading