Occupy’s National Gathering

This last weekend began the “occupation” of Philadelphia’s old town section by parasite protesters that was supposed to lead to a re-re-re-transformation of America and the world into some weird anarchist-socialist-feminist-anti-whitey moronocracy. In case you hadn’t noticed, each successive occupation by these idiots has been a complete success and absolutely transmogrified America. If you didn’t notice, it’s probably because you’re a racist. Or a bankster.

Here are some choice moments from the occupation:

Basically, Occupy Wall Street is a chance for octogenarian hippies whose kids won’t listen to them anymore, to tell people their stories from the sixties. “And that’s how I aborted my first child…”

“Ok, now everyone raise your hand if you haven’t taken a bath in the last year… smell that? That’s natural chemical warfare that can be used against fascist cops…”

At the debt meeting, they recount how much Americans owe them for bravely being on unemployment and welfare while they courageously march and go to debt meetings. “And I want a new laptop, and I want my student loans forgiven, and I want a pony, and I want..”

The wrote their “Declaration of Interdependence” on an oversized yellow paper with an old-timey typewriter. This is like a protest movement led by kindergartners.

Want more proof? They got into a circle and connected each other with his yarn web of intentions. No, I am not joking.

A side effect of mixing bathsalts and crack is extreme paranoia, which is why these NatGat idiots immediately imagine that anyone who disagrees with them is paid off by “corporate” interests. LOL!


I thought Occupy Wall Street allowed all voices? Apparently I’m a traitor for disagreeing!

I’ll admit I’m doing that, but I’m not paid.

He continues later… He’s going to “investigate” all these “corporate accounts”!!

Here’s another who gave me a backwards compliment!

Well, the scripted part wasn’t a compliment, but how  my being a hired government agent ? MexySpy!

This was one of the funniest moments – after this guy accused me of being a professional corporate troll, he blocked me. Then, thinking he was safe to tweet whatever he wanted, sends a racist epithet to his pals about me!

I completely turned it around on the moron, but of course, they’re too brave and noble to admit their own racism. What a bunch of hypocrites! They had even attended a workshop on racism at their meetings! LOL.. just doesn’t get better than that…


More paranoia – I’ve seen a few videos like the following, where occupiers see someone who isn’t filthy, reeking or disheveled enough to be a real protester, so they hound what’s probably just an interested innocent bystander:


Below is exactly the kind of armchair idiotic political science that potheaded morons engage in, because it sounds so wonderfully utopian:

Exactly how do you “abolish majority rule” and get to “unanimity”? Many have tried to make sure only one belief, one credo, one thought is in the minds of their citizens, and that kind of state is only controlled through terror. These occupiers are woefully ignorant of history except for anything that derides America, and for this reason they think and believe such ludicrous statements as the one above.

Below is an occupier with a makeshift guillotine – they were chanting “execute the corporations.” Think they’ll be excoriated for incivility by the media? Right.

Hey look – heterophobic church vandalism is always funny! Haw haw!

Remember, one of the only concrete demands from these idiots is that their student loan debt be forgiven to the tune of one TRILLION dollars. I wonder why?


A faux-TV made out of cardboard… I can feel the foundations of capitalism quaking already. Is that a guy in the blue pretending to be a girl? Forget it, I don’t wanna know.

This next one was sent through iPAD.. I’m sure it was made out of twigs and run on solar energy. Otherwise it would be using nasty evil corporate products!

The National Gathering people were VERY excited and encouraging about this… banner? made by their comrades in Jacksonville – kinda like a patronizing mom telling her kid, “yes sure, it looks just like an elephant! We’ll put it on the fridge so that everyone can see it!”

The Occupiers had this weird convoluted plan for their “visioning process” that was quickly scribbled by someone who must have had the crack withdrawal shakes:

and then:
Notice – “No Debate – No Interpretation!” After they had conferred and rubbed their little brain cells together, they got a tiny little spark and ‘scribes’ wrote it down. Here’s an example:

Top of the list is “End Capitalism!” Ok, well we have 50 people here, so that should take, oh…about 2 hours. After that? Abolish Advertisement! Ok, well there aren’t any corporations or businesses, so who wants to advertise? Abolish borders – genius! I’m sure Russia and Iran will sign right up for that, or they’ll sign up their neighbors anyway.

Decentralize the media – this is a demand? So these 40 filthy unwashed morons  tell me I can’t buy stuff, or work at a business, or watch what media I want? This is what Democracy looks like!! When 40 people impose totalitarianism on 320 million.

It takes a special kind of idiot to look at the previous, and say the following:

Far be it from me to applaud the Congress, but only NatGat could come up with a process stupid enough to be placed even below that of the power of the legislative branch to solve problems!

As it closed down, they had a large assembly, but apparently “radical transparency” is only good when you’re criticizing the government – they have domestic terrorists and felons to protect, so:

Fortunately, this contraband pic got out! The horror!

Actually I kinda wish it hadn’t leaked out… I can smell the stench through my computer…

Finally, if you’d like to see how the Philly police should have dealt with the occupiers, check out this video.


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