Media Bias

Newsmedia JetSkii Hypocrisy

Twitchy is reporting on another attempt by the newsmedia to smear Romney to help Obama’s re-election campaign. This time they’re not deceptively editing video (hi Andrea Mitchell!!), but insinuating that jet-skiing is a rich guy’s sport?

From Twitchy [emphasis added]:

After barely paying attention to the Obamas’ lavish lifestyle for years, some media outlets are tut-tutting former Mass. Gov. Mitt Romney for having the audacity ride a jet ski during his recent vacation in New Hampshire:

Boston Globe columnist Joan Vennochi writes:

The last thing Mitt Romney needs is a John Kerry moment that conjures up F. Scott Fitzgerald’s description of the very rich: “They are different from you and me.”

But like an early Independence Day gift to Democrats, there it was: the image of a grinning Mitt and wife, Ann, enjoying a perfect summer day on a jet ski on Lake Winnipesaukee in Wolfeboro, N.H., where the GOP’s presumptive presidential nominee owns a lust-inducing lakefront vacation home. The photo of the contented pair skimming joyfully over the water is a natural bridge to the next, less-quoted, line from Fitzgerald’s 1926 short story, “The Rich Boy”: “They possess and enjoy early, and it does something to them, makes them soft, where we are hard, cynical where we are trustful, in a way that, unless you were born rich, it is very difficult to understand.”

A U.K. Telegraph article about the jet ski incident was titled, “Mitt Romney’s jet ski pictures carry unwelcome echoes of John Kerry.” That article’s subtitle: “Mitt Romney risked evoking the spirit of John Kerry’s failed presidential bid on Monday when he was pictured riding a jet ski on the water in front of his $8m New Hampshire home.”

Ok, two things:

1) Mitt Romney once saved a family, and their dog, who’s boat had capsized and were “floundering” in the water. What did he and his sons use to save them? Jetskiis. Out-of-touch richies!!

2) Will they report that Obama loves to jet-ski too?

When the Obama family vacations in Hawaii over the Christmas holiday each year, they traditionally spend a full day… jet-skiing, grilling, and playing volleyball.

What a bunch of out-of-touch rich jerk.. oh wait, he’s our savior, don’t report that…

Notice the pattern here – Mitchell tried to create Romney’s “Grocery Scanner Moment” to make appear like George H. W. Bush, and now they’re trying to create a “John Kerry Moment” to sink him.

I wonder if Michelle Obama saved anyone when she jetted off to Colorado for a snow ski vacation? If she had, every television in America would be screaming the headline.