FLASHBACK: Tinfoil Hat Liberals Decry “Crypto-Fascist” Hollywood Agenda

The liberal media has gone nuts making fun of certain conservatives, including Rush Limbaugh, who have insinuated that the new Batman movie has an anti-Mitt Romney agenda in it, since the villain is named “Bane” and Mitt made his wealth while being CEO of Bain Capital. Today however, Rush disavowed any belief in the conspiracy, saying that he was merely reporting what others had said. Still the liberals ridicule..

How stupid for anyone to believe the movie industry could have a political agenda!!

Oh wait.. just eight months ago liberals were decrying the “cryptofascist” agenda in movies like 300, and, of all things, X-men:

“American movies, in the main, often agree with [300 creator] Frank Miller, that endless war against a ruthless enemy is good, and military service is good, that killing makes you a man, that capitalism must prevail, that if you would just get a job (preferably a corporate job, for all honest work is corporate) you would quit complaining.”

I’m not going to wade into the debate because I believe there is a mountain of evidence that Hollywood imposes a liberal agenda on the American movie-viewer, but for liberals to laugh at Limbaugh for saying something he didn’t say, but that they do, is simply idiotic.

In fact, the few instances they point out where a movie happens to have a traditionalist bent are those in which natural, classical storytelling are employed. There’s no conspiracy or hidden agenda here in the way these stories are told – that’s simply how human beings have entertained each other for thousands of years.

To the brainwash liberal mind of course, the shadowy hand of right-wing extremism hides behind every film reel:

“In these cases, the moral framework of the product is just as simplistic as in action films, if not more so, and the triumph of the social order is just as violent, and just as relentless, though the films are couched in a sugary glaze of graphics and “wow” moments that distract from ideological branding.”

Lay off the bath salts, liberals.