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Place your bets!!! It’s Piers Morgan Vs. Scalia

Today Piers Morgan announced he will interview Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia on his show, which will air tonight. Given the scrappy nature of Scalia and the uppity, condescending elitism of Piers, there’s a good chance we’ll see some fireworks worthy of poppin some popcorn for.

Of course, the liberals twitter respond in their usual, classy way:

Because the liberal judicial activist judges don’t do that while hunting for “emanations” streaming from the “penumbra” of the constitution, right? [google it]

I can see how this genius got his screenname!
What kind of “job” is that, Job-Johnny? Eh, don’t answer…

Even liberals have admitted that Clarence Thomas has indelibly changed the Supreme Court, despite his low profile during court arguments. Yet others still love to mock the guy – they just hate to see an African-American escape the clutches of the democrat party.
Another example – would be absolutely racist if it were uttered from a conservative:

A simplistic and stupid understanding of the real rights corporations have.
Another brilliant missive from “Petunia” – they’re always screeching that democracy is dead whenever things don’t go their way.

Anyway… enough “wisdom” from the left – Let’s get ready to rrrrrrrrruuuuummmmbllle!!!!!

And finally, here’s my prediction – I know you need it to survive!