TMZ Uncovers Colorado Shooter’s Match.com Profile, Political Views Self- Described as “Middle of the Road”

Early on Sunday morning, TMZ posted this profile on Match.com of the Colorado shooter. Supposedly it had been visited before the shooting, so it’s very likely to be authentic. They were contacted by another member who was matched to the shooter!

James Holmes is boyfriend material — that’s the shocker a Match.com member says she got when she logged on Friday afternoon to see the site suggesting she hook up with the man accused of killing 12 people in the Colorado movie massacre.

Read the story here.

Some facts to take note of:  He considers himself white, and is agnostic:


He likes “where’s waldo” – maybe we should ban it? He doesn’t even mention the Batman films.

His favorite film is Dumb and Dumber – very violent. I’m sure we’ll hear howls for burning of every available copy.

He also listed “Hachiko”, which turns out to be an ultra-violent horror movie starring Richard Gere, about “a college professor’s bond with an abandoned dog he takes into his home.” Just to be safe, we better ban all Richard Gere films, sorry Pretty Woman fans…

Here are his political views – they will satisfy neither side looking to blame the other: Middle of the road.


Uh oh… liberals might latch onto this one. He didn’t list African-Americans in his racial preferences! He was a racist!!

Here’s the full profile, from TMZ

Meanwhile, the police chief is quoted as saying there is absolutely no question that he was a lone shooter. It bothers me that he would say it that way. If there’s no evidence, then say that, but to say there’s no question means they’re not even exploring the possibility.