Van Jones’ Kid Breaks San Francisco Law

UPDATE: It has been brought to my attention that Van Jones in fact, lives in Los Angeles. So, just take this as satire.

I know I know, kids should never be targeted on account of their parents’ political activities. My intent is not actually to criticize Van Jones’ child for breaking the law. My point is how this is so representative of the hypocrisy of liberals.

Van Jones is the ex-Green Jobs Czar for Obama that was ousted by the negative attention that Glenn Beck and others gave him, and who then took his Marxist trutherism to found “Color of Change”, a leftist attack non-profit targeting corporate sponsors of conservative voices in order to shut down opposition.

He tweeted this out today:

Aw, adorable, right?

WRONG. That kid is breaking the law!!

The phenomena of cops being ordered to shut down kids’ lemonade stands has been reported all across the country as one of the more salient examples of the overreach of government and the destruction of the entrepreneurial impulse that made America so prosperous.

Now, let’s try to keep up with the Jones’. Van Jones works and lives in liberal haven San Francisco. And San Francisco has laws against unlicensed lemonade stands, even when they’re run by children, like the little girl being busted above.

The lesson non-Van-Jones-kids learn is that government is there to make sure that you don’t earn money by the sweat of your brow unless they get their share. Some non-Van-Jones-kids have even learned that if they don’t do what big government says, their parents will be fined $500.

So how did the Van-Jones-Kid get away with it? Another lesson – if you’re well connected, maybe you don’t need to get a license, or pay the fine. Maybe “proud poppa” Jones made some calls when the popo came askin.

Or even better, maybe he started yelling about racism and threatened to have Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson fly down to San Fran to organize against this incredible injustice until the president is forced to declare that the SFPD “acted stupidly”, and a “lemonade summit” is had at the White House in order to discuss America’s failure to assure equality for all.

Or maybe nothing so sinister happened – maybe Van Jones paid for the license. In that case, another lesson is to be had. A kid earns $11 and wants to give $3 to the poor, but his business only works because someone else is there to pay off the government that allows him to even attempt to have a business. You cannot survive as an entrepreneur on your own if you’re competing with those that are subsidized.

Most likely Van Jones’ kid learned none of these lessons. His Proud Poppa however,  has made sure to teach him that he may have made the lemonade, but “you didn’t build that! Someone else did that for you!”

And after a hard day’s work, they went inside to read their daily lesson from Mao’s Little Red Book, and pray before their icon of Obama.


DISCLAIMER: I don’t know if the kid actually broke the law, but I infer so from the articles cited. If I am incorrect, please let me know so that I can note it.

THIS ARTICLE CITED: At the Blaze, where they document Van Jones living in Los Angeles and the scores of laws that his son probably broke with his illegal lemonade stand!