The Big Gay Kiss-In Offensive Against Chick-Fil-A

I have a feeling the great big gay kiss-in counterprotest will backfire. The militant pro-gay lobby is running under a terrible assumption – that everyone at a Chick-Fil-A is necessarily against gay marriage. When they offend normal Americans just trying to have a meal with their children, they force people in the middle or without an opinion to make a choice, and I think they’ll side with those defending free speech.

Already some idiot named Adam Smith proudly posted a video of himself berating a Chick-FIl-A employee, and it cost him his job. This morning a Chick-Fil-A was vandalized with spraypaint. Do these people really think this is helping their cause?

Some pictures from the facebook page [click to see larger size]:

What struck me about the pictures is that they’re often one person attacking the other, who seems reticent to kiss in public. They seem weird and awkward.

And some anti-Christian hate! Because that’s what it’s really about:

This, of course, is willful ignorance of the precepts of Christianity.

This is just trying to anger Christians…

Dozens of clergy every day?! I’m missing out on the news…

This was in response to a Christian named Charlie. Note these are all mindless critiques, nothing substantive.

More “literalist” mockery. Puerile.

This caricature of Christian theology is laughable.

“They” admitted all this stuff?! I musta missed the memo. Or was it an addendum to the Bible?

That’s so awesome! Now all those “good Christian folk” will vote for gay rights! Right?

This was actually a very reasoned criticism:

And the witty response.

That’s a good book, dude.

Wow… must be sad to think the majority of Americans are in the Ku Klux Klan… the thing is, if you really thought this, you’d be actually much more militant. They know it isn’t true.

UPDATE: It was brought to my attention that in the original photo, all of these people are African-American. Isn’t that special.

Sure, let’s make it very clear that you’re anti-Christian while protesting!

Ah dress up like Jesus Christ – that’ll get us behind your cause!

There were some that were very blasphemous and full of curse words, and I didn’t want to post any of that.

The other point to be made of course, is that gays are clearly intruding on private property to try to disturb and annoy regular business operations. Those who defended Chick-Fil-A did nothing but purchase their product in order to show support.

This is the same kind of miscalculation underlying the failure of the Occupy Wall Street protest – you have to know if your target audience is as angry as you are, and if they will support your “civil disobedience” when it is aimed at normal people. Americans like normality.

And just for jokes..

(I know, it’s a cheap shot)

UPDATE: They’re also posting homoerotic reviews on YELP postings of Chick-Fil-A stores. That’s real mature.