Occupy Wall Street

While California Cities Declare Bankruptcy, Occupy Los Angeles Cost Taxpayers $4 MILLION

San Bernardino is just the latest California local government to declare bankruptcy, and it’s not going to be the last. Much of the problem came from the real estate bubble popping and destroying property values while devastating the local economy. However, it doesn’t help when “Occupy Wall Street” moves in and starts using up valuable police time, and destroying private and public property.

Case in point: Los Angeles has disclosed today that Occupy Los Angeles incurred a cost of $4 million to taxpayers:

The Los Angeles Daily News says the City Council’s budget committee was told on Monday that most of the money was for police and park personnel overtime.

The Occupy LA protesters, part of the nationwide anti-Wall Street social movement, took over the park outside City Hall for two months. The park reopened last month after a $1 million makeover.

Some 1,400 police officers helped to evict the protesters on Dec. 1.

Those costs included $431,000 for the repairs to the lawn and a new sprinkler system.

The General Services Department says it spent $571,753 to provide various items to the demonstrators and to clear the site of 25 tons of debris after they left.

Ah those noble Occupiers, whining incoherently about destroying capitalism while cowardly attacking policemen and women! So while the taxpayers foot the bill, these degenerates barely get a slap on the tattooed wrist.

Los Angeles is struggling to shrink it’s budget deficit, and has already significantly laid off employees and cut budgets, including the Los Angeles Police budget.