Media Bias

Shuster Article Highlights “GOP Strategists” criticizing Romney Campaign Quotes Nobody

I know… catching Current in a shoddy journalism is low-hanging fruit. Still…

David Shuster hacks out an article entitled “GOP strategists call Romney campaign ‘incoherent'”,  and goes through a long, misleading list of supposedly contrary stances the campaign has taken, but doesn’t quote anyone.

Not one source.

The headline entirely depends on “GOP strategists”, and the article throws in some “operatives” in DC into the mix, and even with that lowered standard, fails to quote one person!

I think I figured out why… if you hover your cursor over the title, another headline appears: “Dems should be delighted with Romney’s incoherent message.”

Screencap below [with editing out of ads]:

I wonder what led to the changing of the headline – did Al Gore call up Shuster and yell out, “Dammit Dave, there’s not enough lies in that article! We have standards at Current! Now go schmuck it up some!”?

It’s hard for me to believe he actually has any sources if that was the original title of the article, but hey, what do I know? I’m just a blogger.