Sooper Seuss Rhymes: “I am Obama, Mompants Prez!”

Last night I checked into twitter and saw a hashtag game I knew I’d immediately enjoy. It was called #ObamaSeuss and had to do with either making Suess-type titles with an Obama theme, or lyrics to a poem. These are the hashtags this mexy was born for. SO without further ado, I give you my Obama Seuss poem:

I am Obama, Mompants prez!!  

I am Obama, mompants prez, and everybody does what I sez….  

Unless youre racist, you must like me! Let’s organize and beat whitey!!  

I do not care for racist polls, I only care for welfare rolls!!   

Your racist votes I’m sure to ban! Executive Order? Yes I CAN!! I am Obama Mompants Prez, and everyone does what I sez!!  

Your racist codewords are not good!! They’re now illegal, understood?! 

You shouldnt write that terrorist blog! Stop reporting that I eat dog!! 

Solyndra was a great success! I do not care what your math says!!  

You’re “just a blogger” stop that now!! Your honesty I can’t allow!!  

I do not like your reporting there! Stop asking about Larry Sinclair!! I am Obama Mompants Prez, and everyone does what I sez!!  


What do ya think? I’m considering writing more and drawing it maybe as a short book…

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