Jerry Brown Challenges Chris Christie to 3-Mile Race, Pushup Contest, While California Collapses

Governer Jerry Brown, barely lucid manager of California’s decline, responded to Christ Christie’s criticisms by launching a few jokes meant to jab at Christie’s rotundity.

This is exactly the opposite of what Chris Christie does – he uses his tough talk to back up and defend his difficult decisions. Governer moonbeam is destroying California, and the people cheer him because he can toss off a few fat jokes while whoring out his constituency to the Unions.

What gross political onanism on display.

A cartoon of Jerry Brown from before his election – too bad California didn’t listen.

Amazing Story of Mitt’s Charity from the Republican National Convention

I don’t know how anyone could hear this story and not think anything other than that Mitt Romney is an incredibly caring and loving man. I definitely have theological and political differences with him, but you cannot deny the touching humanity of the man described in this story.

This is the full text of the speech from lifenews:

In 1982, my husband Grant and I moved from California to Massachusetts, with our newborn son.

Being a church-going family, we looked for the nearest chapel and soon found ourselves in a congregation led by a clearly bright and capable man, named Mitt Romney.

I knew Mitt was special from the start. Continue reading

Jehmu Greene’s Racist Tweet against Marco Rubio’s Dad

I’m not surprised that this blatant and hypocritical racism from liberal Fox News contributor Jehmu Greene. Jehmu is a hateful spiteful racist that only gets away with it because of her skin color, and certainly not on account of the emptiness of her character:

I get this from liberals all the time – their first instinct is to make deportation jokes on account of my ethnicity. It doesn’t matter that Marco Rubio’s dad came here legally, all that matters is that Jehmu can safely make a racist joke at the expense of someone from the comfort of her only asset in life: her skin color.

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Liberals Rail Against Clint Eastwood’s “Racist” Empty Chair Skit; But Not Piers Morgan’s?

This is too precious.

Racism is everywhere in America, and it’s always THE WORST racism each time!

6 retweets from moron followers.

Ok, the Godot thing is clever.

But this one from “labor Journalist” Mike Elk really takes the cake:

I just can’t believe someone would call themselves a “journalist” and not remember that just 2 weeks ago white man Piers Morgan did THE EXACT SAME THING TO ANOTHER WHITE MAN, TODD AKIN!

Just amazing.. another example of how those on the Left are just blinded to reality by their deep yearning to see racism under every white rock. Incredible.

DEM “Communications Director” Not Too Good at the Twitters

Brad Woodhouse is the “Communications Director” of the Democrats, and a favored punching bag. He’s just not that bright… witness this comedic romp captured on twitter:

Good job Brad! Your constant bungling reminds us all of the great job your boss Obama has done in the White House, and how well Democrats are actually able to succeed!! Continue reading

POLITIFACT Goes All In for the Obama Campaign; PropagandaFact is Born

For a long time conservatives have suspected and accused Politifact of bias against the right, but with Paul Ryan’s speech, they’ve come out obviously as a propaganda wing of the Obama campaign. The manner in which they lie is so blatant and shameless it should be clear to anyone with a modicum [or emoticon if you’re MeggiMac] of critical reading.

They rate Paul Ryan’s statement “false” that Obama lied about his promise to a GM plant’s workers that under his policies, it would  stay open.

Here is Obama’s actual statement from the speech he gave at the Janesville plant:

 “And I believe that if our government is there to support you, and give you the assistance you need to re-tool and make this transition, that this plant will be here for another hundred years.  The question is not whether a clean energy economy is in our future, it’s where it will thrive.  I want it to thrive right here in the United States of America; right here in Wisconsin; and that’s the future I’ll fight for as your president.”

I’ve added emphasis to the quote from the original Politifact article. This is their flaccid reasoning for calling Ryan’s accusation false:

That’s a statement of belief that, with government help, the Janesville plant could remain open — but not a promise to keep it open. Continue reading

GOP Trouncing Dems in Florida Voter Registration

In 2008, democrats registered voters over Republicans by a ratio of 2.5 to 1. For this election during the same period, Republicans registered at a rate nearly 10 times as much as Democrats.

Naturally, the media is portraying this as a result of voter suppression:

Since a new set of state voting laws went into effect more than a year ago, the number of new Democrats registering in Florida has all but disappeared, according to a Times-Union review.

But how would these new voting laws explain the jump in Republican registration? Are these laws only in place for liberals?!

“It has without a doubt hurt registration numbers,” said Deirdre Macnab, president of the nonpartisan League of Women Voters of Florida. “It really gummed up the works and made it harder for Floridians to get registered.”

Macnab said Democrats may have seen a bigger impact because registration groups often target areas that lean Democratic.

“We try to get to areas that don’t have easy access to traditional means of getting registered,” she said. “That’s places like college campuses, senior centers and low-income communities.”

That’s it. That’s the only explanation they offer. Could it be that maybe Republican voters are enthusiastic about voting and angry at Obama, while democrats are disenchanted with Obama’s failures?

Of course not, it’s those racist Republicans who won’t let selfless democrats register those otherwise helpless minorities figure out the labyrinthine voter form! Poor little colored people!

Occupy RNC Protesters Chant “Obama is a F**king Traitor,” “We Are the Coming Insurrection!”

[strong language]

This video is from the march to the RNC of the Occupiers – those videotaping don’t seem to be political. They capture the extremism of the Occupiers chanting, “One, F**k Obama, Two F**k Obama, Three, Obama is F**king Traitor!!”

You think the media will go as crazy as when a Mitt Romney supporter called Obama a traitor? Not for their beloved unwashed bathsalts-addled rapist hippies. Romney surrogate John Sunnunu even had to apologize for daring to call Obama “un-American.”

From Joan Walsh at Salon: “It kept getting worse all week. Again on Friday a McCain-Palin supporter called Barack Obama a “traitor,” and John McCain said nothing.”

USA Today: Some in the [pro-McCain] audience are making it personal, against the Democrat [Obama]. Shouts of “traitor,” “terrorist,” “treason,” “liar,”…

Let’s not forget these are the filthy degenerates that Obama told,you are the reason I ran for president.” Continue reading

Occupiers Cough Up $3 of Donations for their Little “Movement”; Demand Water from COPS!

Wow.. bunch of parasites can’t come up with more than $3…


UPDATE: This is pathetic… now they’re whining that they don’t have water.. What a bunch of idiots. They can barely take care of themselves and they want to take over the governance of America? Maggots. Continue reading

Disgusting Code Pink Banner at the RNC

From the photoblog of a code pink degenerate at the Republican National Convention:


Meanwhile, liberals whine about the “ugliness” of anti-Obama shirts:

UPDATE: Here’s another classy banner from the anti-Republican leftists:


If your browser doesn’t show the picture, click here to see it.

UPDATE: Another degenerate who has less wit than he has filth to spread:


From @SomethingAbtJen

Obama Remembers Neil Armstrong with a Big Picture of… Himself

When I heard Neil Armstrong had passed away, it took me a while to hit me fully. I saw people send messages of remembrance and commemoration, and decided I should do my own, to show how much respect I have for a real American hero:

It is nearly literally the least I could do for someone that symbolized American greatness so thoroughly, and in so many aspects.

You know what I didn’t think to do? I didn’t think to post a picture of myself to remember Neil Armstrong. Never got into my mind that this was a good way to remember his greatness.

But then, I’m not president mompants:

[screen capped from the offical Obama 2012 Tumblr website]

I wonder if he had some pimply-faced staffer in his twenties write this for him. Did he go out and take a special picture, or just use a stock photo? Maybe that’s not even him and they photoshopped some dumbo ears onto a picture of some other guy…

UPDATE! Continue reading