Future Pictures from Obama Accepting Dem Nomination

Wow, this is quite the exclusive! Rather than send sooper mexy reporters to Charlotte to cover the convention, we got lazy and traveled to the future to bring you pics from the One’s nomination acceptance!!


There are all the super delegates, reading the democrat party platform before Obama. He shall approve it before anyone reads it.

Here we see them blessing the image of Obama. This marvelous icon is to be paraded through the crowd, to cure the infirm and bless the multitudes with EBT cards and energy grants.

The multitude is pleased. Yea.

Finally, there is the ceremonial kissing of the empty chair, by the high priest of liberalism. A holy cloth is suspended above him, from which threads will be used to intermix with fabric for mompants for all the multitude to share.

Verily verily, I sayeth to thee, the empty chair is great, is great.


¬†*my sincerest apologies to… whatever religion this is.