GODGATE: DEMS In UPROAR Over “GOD” Being Included in Platform!

Democrats were in an uproar today because the party re-introduced “God” and “Jerusalem” in their party platform after it was widely reported yesterday that they had been exempted. Watch the video below to see how the Democrats, with La Raza racist scoundrel and Aztec high priest Antonio Villaraigosa presiding, push on despite it being obvious that they don’t have enough votes.

video from BUZZFEED

Hmmmm. Sounds like.. FASCISM!


This has thrown the Democrat party into a whirlwind of spinning like a drunk Kennedy, and it’s amazing to watch:

You can see the fear in her bovine eyes as she starts speaking very slowly and deliberately, making sure to stick to her statement and not actually answer the question… because that would be embarrassing.
Even CNN’s Anderson Cooper described her as living in an “alternate reality”:

Here’s another from Yahoo News, where Debbie rejects reality. Although Jon Karl acts like an Obama bootlicker, as are most from Yahoo, Debbie says of the debacle, “there was no fight at all, essentially it was a technical correction.”

It appears that the reasoning behind this was for the Democrats to be able to slam Romney for not personally adopting all the provisions in the Republican platform, as this has been a criticism Debsters lobbed at the campaign during the convention. 

They most likely adopted this strategy and then realized that the press surrounding “God” and “Jerusalem” in the platform would come back to bite them. Thus the spinning and twirling, twirling!

So that didn’t work out too well…


Another one, surprisingly, from Soledad O’Brien with Little Debsters. This video supports some of my suspicions, as Debsters pushes back on David Frum with exactly the criticism against Romney I referred to above:

“The reason what you’re saying is so non-credible, is that we all know that President Obama does not feel strongly about Jerusalem. He walked back his AIPAC speech in2008, in his Middle big Middle East status speech, he made a commitment on borders, he did not make a commitment to Jerusalem…. That’s why this is explosive.”

~ ~ ~

Here are some tweets from reporters watching the crazy event unfold:

In the Democrat party, Obama has to pull strings for GOD: