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Why Are Conservative Twitterers Hating the SOOPER?!?!

You might be wondering why your friendly neighborhood Sooper Conservative Mexican was at the receiving end of an unholy onslaught of conservative ire.  Well let me tell you.

It all started like this….

I heard the story that Ann Romney’s plane had filled with smoke and had to make an emergency stop.  I retweeted this story and then found out that she was ok. So then I thought to look for liberal hatred, knowing there’d be a lot of it… I found this:

[note the link is gray, because the tweet has been deleted]
I wanted to let my fellow conservatives on twitter know that idiot liberals were tweeting terrible things about Ann Romney, so I retweeted it… unfortunately, I forgot to make clear that I DIDN’T ENDORSE THE TWEET.

Then Twitchy reposted my tweet, because that filthy liberal deleted his original.

Then the friendly fire started coming in.

People didn’t realize I wasn’t endorsing, they just assumed I was.. so this is what I get!!!

It even went international!!

After about an hour of defending myself, and asking the team at to help me out, finally, I get some backup:


And of course… because we’re talking about my followers here, there came out the jokers!

Probably the most hilarious response was from John Grace of the Damaged Hearing podcast – I about died reading his tweets:






Wow! So that was fun! Actually I had a lot of laughs, even though it was annoying to have to bat away conservative attacks. And I got a whole bunch of new followers, so let’s call it even… Now, if you want to see some REAL HATRED, you gotta check out my collection of LIBERAL hate tweets directed at your favorite Mexy Conservative!