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Muslim Urban Legend: US Theater Showing Anti-Muslim Movie Destroyed By Earthquake!

Whilst perusing the Twitter-scape, I noticed a bunch of tweets from Muslims making an odd claim – that an earthquake had destroyed a movie theater set to show the anti-Islamic movie, “Innocence of Muhammed” that has supposedly set the Mideast region aflame. The more astute of us know it’s just a cover used for Islamists to attack us, and for Obama to hide his failed foreign policy. But I digress…

So where did this story come from? Apparently Muslims are sending this along to each other in an email in order to prove to each other that Allah is just as angry about the film as they are:

A graphic being circulated shows a collapsed building and claims a theater in the U.S. broke into two pieces just prior to showing the controversial anti-Muslim film. Is there any truth to this story?

The story and the photo are not real.

The photo has been circulated with the following text:

“…an earthquake hit the cinema of the abusing movie to Prophet Mohammed. The whole cinema is smashed.”

Various descriptions of the photo go into more detail, such as this one:

A picture of a cinema in America that was going to play the film of the Prophet Sep 18 at noon.An earthquake hit that area that caused the building into two pieces.The Americans are so shocked at the miracle that they didn’t allow full media coverage on the topic and that’s why you didn’t hear about it on the news today!

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The story is completely false, but it keeps circulating, with the fake picture. It must be reassuring to know Allah destroys theaters while the vast majority of Muslims live in squalor.

It’s true! Our media is worse than in North Korea!!!

Far be it from me to say this is exclusive to Islam, but it doesn’t take much to find anti-American and hateful tweets from adherents to the “Religion of Peace”:
All of America did it!

This guy is a huge Justin Bieber fan?! Click to see his profile background:

Sounds like beeberism is a problem in the Muslim world:

One thing Muslims and Obama have in common – they believe in salvation and condemnation at the community level, not the individual:

I wonder what “Pinky” recommends that Americans deserve for our transgression….