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Despicable Stephanie Cutter Blames Romney for Benghazi Uproar After Mother of Murdered Official Demands Answers

This Obama administration has gone from running a clown campaign to real dirty degenerate despicable politics:


This after the mother of one of the murdered officials calls out Obama and the rest of the administration for hiding details of what exactly happened:

The mother of slain State Dept. Official Sean Smith told Anderson Cooper she is still waiting for someone to tell her what happened to her son on Sept. 11.

Smith was killed in Benghazi, and his mother says she was able to speak to President Obama, Sec. of State Clinton, and VP Joe Biden, and that she implored them all, “Please tell me what happened? What happened?” She said all three told her they would “get back to [her]” and explain what happened, but none have done so. 

She stressed that she just wanted “the truth.” And she said the administration keeps saying “they’re still studying it,” yet “the things they have told me are outright lies…All of them told me it was because of a film.”

In a heart-wrenching moment, Smith’s mom said, “I look at [the images on] TV, and I see bloody hand-prints on the walls, and I think ‘My God, are those the hand-prints of my son?'”

Smith’s mom said she looked at Obama and said, “You screwed up.”

Cutter continued:

There’s really something sick and twisted about this administration.


Cutter continued on twitter, to surprise and shock:

Seems like Obama campaign manager Jim Messina is backing her up:


Jan Crawford of CBS pointed out that Romney doesn’t even take questions on Benghazi, disputing the claim that they’re trying to politicize the tragedy:

Lis Carter is the Director for Obama’s Rapid Response team, and she responded with this:

The link goes to Romney’s press conference – a month ago. So the only reason people still care about Americans being murdered are because of a presser a month ago? Keep digging, Obama campaign…