DNC “Communications Director” Woodhouse Tweets More Big Bird Idiocy

How is this a serious presidential campaign? It’s just incredible:

First Seamus, now Big Bird. Dogs Against Romney’s “Big Bird on the Roof” tour in Florida. #FreeBigBird lockerz.com/s/252186452

Not that I expect much from the big brain on Brad… he’s the same pseudo-communications genius who wrote a grammar-challenged chicken-scratch political screed that inspired tons of hilarious mockery. He also praised the unemployment of an American who dared question the administration, and like most communications masters, he has a hard time with the twitters.

Thankfully he hasn’t blocked me yet, because his idiot tweeting provides me with much fascination and horror. The only reason this massive incompetence is acceptable is that the media goes to so much trouble to cover and provide for these morons.

That’s a clown campaign, bro.