Bathsalts-Addled Liberal Responses to Sensata Narrative Meltdown

For those who missed it, the liberal left attempted and failed to push a false and hypocritical narrative about Sensata, a company partly owned by Bain that is outsourcing jobs from Illinois to China.

Liberals are running intellectual kamikaze attacks on twitter, trying to push the lie that Mitt Romney still owns Bain, when he retains about a hundredth of Bain assets.

Then I pointed out that Obama himself owns Sensata stock, utterly destroying the narrative by presenting their hypocrisy. Fox News picked up the story, and Rush Limbaugh mentioned it on air today…

How do liberals respond when confronted with reality?

Very badly. Even for liberals…

Even after the facts are pointed out, liberal sheep drone on, zombie-like:

Blah! We hate you Sooper Mexican!


Because racism is ok by liberals as long as it’s against conservatives! DUH!

This idiot continues on… of course Liberals would screech “racism” if this was said to any left-wing liberal…


And finally, what insult tops the dreaded, “YOU’RE A NAZI!” accusation?!

This one is new – accusing me of being pro-anti-Christ?!? Wow!!

These next two were tweets trying to get me twittergulagged, but the account was suspended, so the tweets don’t exist anymore:


Here’s a screencap:

Why so angry, liberals? OH.. it’s because I OWN YOUR NARRATIVE and I DESTROYED IT.