Liberal Panic at Democratic Underground Over CNN’s Rebuke of Candy Crowley’s Lie

Oh NO!! A reporter walked off the liberal reservation! EVERYONE PANIC!

Over at the Democratic Underground, where liberals get together to scowl about the success of their socio-economic betters, pandemonium erupted when CNN’s Anderson Cooper saying Candy Crowley wasn’t being honest about her mid-debate fact-checking. Of course, they inherently understand that their stranglehold on their dim-witted base depends on a complicit media reporting only what is pleasing to their Master Obama, so naturally, panic ensued:

Anderson Cooper: GOP shill!

When liberals on the site start angrily rebuking each other for posting it, a shrill reaction – we must stamp out the speech of our opponents!

Michelle Malkin? Nothing! Riveralker on Democratic Underground influences the debate, not some right-winger, right!?

The all encompassing power of the right wing conspiracy obviously pressed on CNN to be honest for once! Diabolical!

Of course, they took down the link... we can’t be reading our opposition’s arguments – someone might start thinking for themselves!

Still, they’re worried!

Here is the Twitchy article that bunched so many underpants and sent them into a bathsalts-powered huff.