Media Bias

Leftist Media Whine Idiotic “Binders” Meme Hurt Obama’s Campaign

Bad polling out for Obama elicits an innocent observation from someone at Buzzfeed:

Famed “Journolister” Dave Weigel defends Obama campaign, shockingly… I mean it’s not like the Obama team pushed the stupid “binders” meme or anything right? lol!

Awwww… editor at the New Republic thinks Buzzfeed is at fault for the Obama team polling debacle!!

Uh oh.. Buzzfeeder ain’t havin’ none of that responsibility business! Not “today” when the Buzzfeed offices are all depressed over low Obama numbers…. especially when it seems like Alec is implying they’re all on the same side – Obama’s!

Yeah! We all know we want Obama to win, right Buzzfeeder? Oh wait.. you don’t want to admit that?!?! The Buzzfeeder  reasserts his objectivity… in case people are watching!

You’re right, buzzfeeder, maybe we all have some responsibility for this disaster!

And to cap it all off as usual, is a whiny tweet from Oliver Willis, stomping his foot that Buzzfeed won’t admit their fault!

Would someone PLEASE bring up abortion to scare women?!?! Anyone?!

Phew! That was close…

Ahhhh… must suck to be a leftist today. Just wait till November 6th!


Dave Weigel follows up by disparaging a conservative criticism after galloping snarkily on the liberal “binders” meme.  Can you taste the hypocrisy?