Tagg Romney’s “Take a Swing” Comment, and the 1988 Kitty Dukakis Question

The liberal media is trying to convince you to be angry that Mitt Romney’s son, Tagg, would dare say that he felt like “taking a swing” at Obama for calling his father a liar during the second presidentialĀ  debate.

Let’s rewind history 24 years to the notorious “Kitty Dukakis Question” during the 1988 presidential debate:

via Will Rabbe

Michael Dukakis responded in such a tepid and robotic way to a highly personal question about his wife being raped and murdered that it hurt his campaign when Americans responded with disgust.

We used to be a country that would be offended by someone not defending their family with passion – now the media is trying to convince us that any familial protectiveness is brutish. Even more disturbing is the tendency to demand obeisance to this president, while ignoring all the vitriol spewed at conservatives.

Still, I believe Americans naturally understand the impulse of Romney’s son to defend his dad, despite the effete intellectuals demanding everyone clutch at their pearls…


More historical context: