Obama Camp Releases Deceptively Edited Romney Video in “Not One of Us”Ad

There is a lot of controversy over the latest ad from the Obama camp entitled, “Not One of Us” in Ohio – not the least of which is the historically racist intonations of that saying.


But while liberals are also praising the video for “slamming” Mitt, they miss that it’s ridiculously and purposely edited to absolutely mangle Romney’s quote about the auto industry.

In the ad, video from a Romney video is edited so that he says, “…that’s exactly what I said. The headline you read, which said, ‘let Detroit go bankrupt…”

But if you look at the full transcript, Romney is not referring to the headline when he says “that’s exactly what I said.” He is referring to her question about whether or not the auto companies went bankrupt anyway:

HILL: The companies actually had to go through bankruptcy- but sir, the companies actually had to go through bankruptcy before that bailout.

ROMNEY: Yeah, that’s exactly what I said. The headline you read, which said, ‘let Detroit go bankrupt,’ points out that those companies needed to go through bankruptcy to shed those costs, and the federal government put in, I think, $17 billion into those companies before they finally recognized, yeah, they need to go bankrupt, go through that process, so that they’re able to get rid of their excess costs.

Transcript from NewsBusters

In fact, the reason they had to deceptively edit the video is because they’ve been caught lying about the headline before.  As with many articles, the headline was created by an editor, and not by Romney, so it’s spuriously attributed to him, when his article talked about managed bankruptcy, not liquidation, as he tries to explain to the CBS anchor.

Here is the unedited version of the video that the Obama camp is lying about:

Of course you can expect halfwits from liberal sewers like Daily Kos to applaud the deceptive edit as absolutely brilliant, when they have no idea what the context is:

It’s just a brutal ad—but the amazing thing is that the guy who delivers its most brutal attack is Mitt Romney, on himself, when he says, “Yeah, that’s what I said: Let Detroit go bankrupt.” Juxtaposed with the people whose livelihoods he would have so callously thrown down the drain, it’s easily one of the most powerful, if not the most powerful, ads of the campaign.

But they probably thought Andrea Mitchell’s attempt to smear Mitt Romney with a deceptively edited video was brilliant too, or the video the Obama team sent out in August that also lied to the American public.

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