Buzzfeed Spews Class Warfare During Sandy Hurricane; Hatred and Vitriol Ensue

If this election is about anything, it’s about lady parts and the Republican war on them. Aside from that however, the Obama campaign has made a great effort to draw up animosity between normal Americans and those lucky and hard-working enough to become wealthy. If you honestly believe that no American can really get ahead unless they’re dragging down some corporation or CEO to do it, not only are you perverting a traditional American principle, but you’re probably on the Obama campaign team.

Or, you’re a mainstream media lapdog eager to lick Obama’s hind quarters.

Case in point, Buzzfeed, the up-and-coming novelty news website. During the terrible destruction that hurricane Sandy foisted upon the East Coast, they had the gall to post this idiotic clickbait:

This was under the headline, “The worst people during the hurricane.”

Really? People who are worried about their private property being destroyed are the worst people? Wow. Now why is that? Could it be that you just assume that they’re wealthy jerks who micturate on the poor?

Or maybe it’s that they’re so heartless because all they care about is their property and not all the people who are losing their lives, loved ones, et cetera?

Well that’s certainly the lesson you learn from the morons who repost this putrid trash:

After one tweet you can judge a person’s entire life? Obviously a PhD in psychology.

Again, why? Because it satisfies your bias against Christians? Who, by the way, are statistically much more charitable than atheists?

I’m sure these two idiots would make a second home into a non-profit to feed the poor.

Obvious and vapid sarcasm – how do you know they didn’t care about everyone else? Did you look at their other tweets?

Beachhomes aren’t actual homes to some people? Idiot. They’re not all second homes.

Well, you know, there’s always SOMEONE in danger somewhere. Does that mean no one should ever care about personal property ever? Genius.

Why in the hell do people assume that just because you own a beach house that you are wealthy enough to own two? It’s not possible that someone scrimped and saved all their life to have this one pleasure? If you own a regular house, do you automatically have enough money to buy two?

This is the kind of disgusting envious and bitter hatred that these kinds of posts inspire, and that helps a campaign that depends on class warfare.

So, how evil are those rich, selfish people who tweeted such self-centered things?

Hey Buzzfeed, why didn’t you post that tweet? I guess hatred and class warfare gets you more clicks and ad money huh?

And she further explains with:

But hey, Buzzfeed can excoriate her with one tweet, right? She’s the worst person ever.

Madie Thompson retweeted this before the hurricane came anywhere near the beach house she tweeted about:

And afterward, she retweeted this:

So what the hell is the point of this post except to make people hate one another based on blind envy and idiotic stereotypes? Well done, Buzzfeed. Just like Obama, you feed on divisiveness while pretending to alleviate it.

Oh by the way, while you’re spitting your vitriol at people worried about their own possessions, others were looting and stealing from hurricane victims – why aren’t they “the worst people?”

How putrid is it to actually think that it’s worse to care about your own possessions than it is to steal from others.

One more point to be made – nearly every single person who lost anything at all in the hurricane is vastly more wealthy than the average person living on earth, merely for being an American. Our poor are much more wealthy than most of the wealthy in some parts of the world. And yet we hate each other for having more than we have.

If it’s wrong and evil to care about your possessions because someone else has fewer possessions, then we’re all guilty any time at all we worry about what we own, because most people in the world own much much less. So is that the answer? Let’s abolish all property because it’s easier to envy and hate than it is to count our blessings…

This is what Buzzfeed inspires – the worst devils of our natures.

But then envy always sells better and helps Obama more, than wisdom.