Politico Reporter Demands You Trust Her Notes and Not Your Eyes and Ears on Biden Gaffe

Jen Epstein works for Politico, long thought to subtly undermine the conservative cause with their biased reporting.

Today she let it all hang out!

Everyone responded with the loud guffaw appropriate to Biden’s gaffe today when he said, “there’s never been a day in the last four years I’ve been proud to be his vice president! Not one!”

While we were all laughing, Jen was enraged with indignant anger that anyone would dare suggest Vice President Einstein might commit a gaffe:

This was in response to Free Beacon’s Katherine Miller, who posted a video of Biden’s funny line.


Not to be undercut, Buzzfeed jumped in, just in case Obama’s Ministry of Truth might be monitoring at the moment:

Famed lying journolister Dave Weigel can’t help take a snide swipe at the twitters… he’s so smart!

I made the polite suggestion that she show us the notes, but so far, no response!

And of course, the Obama “Rapid Response Team” is always eager and ready to accept help from the fawning media:

Our tired, untrained, dim-witted senses cannot even operate without the lapdog media telling us what to feel! Hail Obama!!