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Liberal Media Matters’ Eric Boehlert Mocks Mother of Sean Smith, Slain at Benghazi; Deletes Tweet

This is despicable:


So this maggot Eric Boehlert, who spends his time mocking conservatives on Twitter while on Obama propaganda gutter Media Matters’ dime, thinks it’s great to make fun of the mother of a murdered American official killed by terrorists in Benghazi.

What a piece of scum this guy is.

Either he didn’t want the story to get out, or realized what a disgusting thing he’d done, because he deleted the tweet very soon after:

Immediately liberals jumped on, mocking the mother of Sean Smith:

Wow, really? “Poor”, “pathetic” and “stupid”? Really classy, libs…

Apparently someone told Eric he was being a degenerate idiot, because he deleted the tweet:

Great job… I’m sure Obama and Media Matters really appreciate your pathetic efforts to smear the mother of an American murdered by terrorists.

Here’s the story he tried to cover up stupidly:

Mother of Sean Smith Murdered By Terrorists at Benghazi: “I BELIEVE THAT OBAMA MURDERED MY SON”


This story got some tremendous attention – so much so that the maggot Boehlert retweeted this attempt to disparage the story in the tweet he deleted:

Kinda odd, since you won’t find the original tweet in his timeline anymore… he hasn’t tweeted anything since.

Help get the story out – retweet: