Hamas Launching Rockets Near Journalist Hotel, Making Them Targets As Per Law of Armed Conflict

While media outlets and Gaza sympathizers continue to accuse Israel of targeting civilians, very few point out the Law of Armed Conflict, or the LOAC, which governs nations in war to differentiate between lawful conflict and unlawful conflict.

Recently journalists have streamed into the Gaza Strip, and their proximity to sites where Hamas is unlawfully launching missiles makes them military targets, and also makes any casualties the legal fault of Hamas, and not Israel.

Nour Samaha works for Al-Jazeera, and points out the uncomfortable fact that Hamas is launching rockets from near a hotel with journalists:

It’s a shame when we have to depend on Al-Jazeera for honest reporting:

Of course, it’s easier to simply ignore the Law of Armed Conflict, and screech at Israel for following the law while ignoring the many ways that Hamas breaks it:

Thanks Dirk!

Director for the “Palestine Center” in Washington, DC:

Again, the media works on the ignorance of the common person in order to further their political agenda, instead of actually enlightening their audience with the truth.


Here’s a perfect example of the anti-Israeli bias:

The Reuters article lists all the places that Israel has “targeted”, listing among them:

  • – Dozens of houses and apartment blocks, including one in which nine members of the same family were killed
  • – The Hamas-run interior ministry, destroyed along with civil affairs offices that documented Gaza civilians
  • – Several police stations, evacuated before the fighting by police who redeployed elsewhere

No one bothers to make the point that just because something is destroyed doesn’t mean that was the thing targeted – the very fact that Hamas is launching rockets from near a journalist hotel doesn’t mean that any reporter hurt while Israel defends itself was necessarily “targeted.”

Read more from National Review on how Hamas breaks Laws of Armed Conflict while Israel respects them.
correction: earlier version of this post had “missiles” instead of rockets.