Obama to Tout Fiscal Cliff Plan at Toy Company Whose CEO Said Obama’s Tax Cuts Won’t Make a Difference

Obama will be trying to argue for his fiscal cliff “plan”, whatever there is of it, at a toy manufacturing company in Pennsylvania. Despite the CEO’s support for Obama, he doesn’t seem to think much about his tax exemptions:

Obama’s speech at K’Nex Brands may also touch on his proposed tax exemptions for small businesses. One measure would allow a tax write-off of up to $500,000 for companies that hire new workers or boost salaries; another would let businesses deduct 100 percent of the cost of equipment investments for 2013.

But he said tax incentives wouldn’t make much of a difference to his business: “We’re not making decisions based on tax breaks. We’re making decisions based on demand.”

The CEO of K’Nex also oversees it’s plastic injection manufacturing, which advertises for defense and government contracting. I wonder how much of their business comes from government sources, and whether new contracts might be in their near future. 

Araten, a Democrat, said he voted for Obama, and his company’s profile reads a bit like a page out of the president’s playbook. The toys are educational; the company is family-owned; the manufacturing involves lots of recycling and very little waste.

Because Republicans despise educational toys and hate family-owned businesses? Pathetic “objective” reporting there.

“We went landfill-free about two years ago,” Araten said. “So all that escapes from here every day is a little bit of steam.”

Get ready buddy, there’s gonna be a lot of hot air issuing forth from Obama out of your factory today.