Obama to Tout Fiscal Cliff Plan at Toy Company Whose CEO Said Obama’s Tax Cuts Won’t Make a Difference

Obama will be trying to argue for his fiscal cliff “plan”, whatever there is of it, at a toy manufacturing company in Pennsylvania. Despite the CEO’s support for Obama, he doesn’t seem to think much about his tax exemptions:

Obama’s speech at K’Nex Brands may also touch on his proposed tax exemptions for small businesses. One measure would allow a tax write-off of up to $500,000 for companies that hire new workers or boost salaries; another would let businesses deduct 100 percent of the cost of equipment investments for 2013.

But he said tax incentives wouldn’t make much of a difference to his business: “We’re not making decisions based on tax breaks. We’re making decisions based on demand.”

The CEO of K’Nex also oversees it’s plastic injection manufacturing, which advertises for defense and government contracting. I wonder how much of their business comes from government sources, and whether new contracts might be in their near future. 

Araten, a Democrat, said he voted for Obama, and his company’s profile reads a bit like a page out of the president’s playbook. The toys are educational; the company is family-owned; the manufacturing involves lots of recycling and very little waste.

Because Republicans despise educational toys and hate family-owned businesses? Pathetic “objective” reporting there.

“We went landfill-free about two years ago,” Araten said. “So all that escapes from here every day is a little bit of steam.”

Get ready buddy, there’s gonna be a lot of hot air issuing forth from Obama out of your factory today.

Silly Liberals: A Cartoon

Remember before the financial collapse how often we heard from Liberals that we need to be more like Europe? Now they’re blaming European collapse on “austerity measures” – as if they were too conservative all along!!

For more on America and Europe, read this great piece by Walter E. Williams, in 2006, from before the collapse:

Some Americans look to European countries such as France, Germany and its Scandinavian neighbors and suggest that we adopt some of their economic policies. I agree, we should look at Europe for the lessons they can teach us. Dr. Daniel Mitchell, research fellow at the Heritage Foundation, does just that in his paper titled “Fiscal Policy Lessons from Europe.”

Government spending exceeds 50 percent of the GDP in France and Sweden and more than 45 percent in Germany and Italy , compared to U.S. federal, state and local spending of just under 36 percent. Government spending encourages people to rely on handouts rather than individual initiative, and the higher taxes to finance the handouts reduce incentives to work, save and invest. The European results shouldn’t surprise anyone. U.S. per capita output in 2003 was $39,700, almost 40 percent higher than the average of $28,700 for European nations.

Over the last decade, the U.S. economy has grown twice as fast as European economies. In 2006, European unemployment averaged 8 percent while the U.S. average was 4.7 percent. What’s more, the percentage of Americans without a job for more than 12 months was 12.7 percent while in Europe it was 42.6 percent. Since 1970, 57 million new jobs were created in the U.S., and just 4 million were created in Europe.

Continue reading at Townhall.com

Twitter Suspends Account Aiming to Curb Sexual Harassment at Tahrir Square

The illustrious twitchy team documented the many instances of sexual harassment at Tahrir Square in Egypt, which precipitated the creation of a twitter account aimed at organizing women and others against these attacks.

This is one example just posted today:


Very soon after, the @tahrirbodyguard account was suspended:



Did twitter think they violated the terms of service or were they asked to shut it down?

UPDATE: TwitchyTeam has more details.



US Embassy Twitter Account Calls Tahrir Square “Sacred”

While the Egyptians erupt in protest (again) against President Morsi for taking on dictatorial powers, the twitter account for our embassy in Cairo continues to display the  pandering foreign policy values of a weakening America.


This is the same account that sent an apology for the “Innocence of Muslims” youtube movie that the Obama administration was so eager to blame for attacks on our embassies.

Now it’s asserting the “sacred” nature of Tahir Square based on the fact that other protesters died there? Why is our government recognizing the “sacred” nature of Islamic foreign edifices while we tear down domestic recognitions of our Christian nature?





Video of Public Sexual Harassment From Saudi Arabia

Sexual harassment of women from Muslim countries has mostly been ignored by American news media, despite their voracious regurgitation of the supposed Republican “War on Women.” Last year during the Egyptian uprising that dethroned Mubarak, South African reporter Lara Logan was assaulted in Tahrir Square by multiple men for an extended period of time in full view of the public.

The video below shows a shocking instance of sexual harassment by men in Saudi Arabia on women wearing the shroud of the burka:

Just this Sunday, it’s being reported that a mob of 300 sexually assaulted 3 women again near Tahrir Square:

After the assault, which took place near the Qasr al-Dobara Church that is used as a field hospital in the current protests, the women ran to the nearby Mugamma administrative building in Tahrir Square…

Their assaulters followed them there, but the employees of the building closed the doors to block them out. Dozens of other demonstrators, who had been holding a sit-in in the square, then beat the assaulters with sticks and rocks to disperse them, and took the women to their tents in the center of the square.

Why do they continue to ignore the heinous treatment of women in other countries while excoriating any conjured up slight against women in America?

Finally, a quick search of twitter shows that these sexual attacks are all too commonplace. Continue reading

Show #15: Israel-Hamas Conflict, Cory Booker on Welfare, and Hollande Paranoia

Hello my gringos! We recorded this podcast on Thanksgiving Eve but I didn’t get around to editing it until today. Sorry! Anyway, we discuss the Israel-Hamas conflict, French president Hollande’s paranoia, and Cory Booker on welfare!!! Don’t be a racist! Listen in!!!

With Defend Wall St. and redneck elitist @SaintRPH!!!

Don’t be a racist! Listen in!!!


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Egyptian protesters firebomb Al Jazeera Office Over Muslim Brotherhood Bias

Aljazeera Mubshar Misr’s Tahrir studio torched by angry mob (Photo: Zeinab El-Gundy)

The offices of Al-Jazeera Mubasher Misr, located above Cairo’s Tahrir Square, was torched by unknown assailants at 10:30am on Wednesday, as street battles in the vicinty between protesters and Egyptian security forces enter the third day.

Egypt’s prosecutor-general Abdel-Meguid Mahmoud has ordered an investigation into the arson attack.

Eyewitnesses at the scene told Ahram Online that the mob stormed the office after the Egyptian wing of the international news channel aired an interview with a member of the Muslim Brotherhood, who criticised the groups currently fighting in the neighbouring Mohamed Mahmoud Street.

The assailants torched the media bureau with Molotov cocktails, the police together with citizens present at the scene attempted to extinguish the fire, eyewitnesses say.

Few Al-Jazeera crew members were at the offices at that time of the attack. Sources from the TV station told Ahram Online that it will continue broadcasting from a different location.

Clashes between police and protestors have been ongoing since Monday in Mohamed Mahmoud and Qasr Al-Aini Streets adjacent to the flashpoint square.

The fighting started during a demonstration commemorating the victims of last year’s five day battle with the police in the same area, which left 47 dead and thousands injured.

Hamas Launching Rockets Near Journalist Hotel, Making Them Targets As Per Law of Armed Conflict

While media outlets and Gaza sympathizers continue to accuse Israel of targeting civilians, very few point out the Law of Armed Conflict, or the LOAC, which governs nations in war to differentiate between lawful conflict and unlawful conflict.

Recently journalists have streamed into the Gaza Strip, and their proximity to sites where Hamas is unlawfully launching missiles makes them military targets, and also makes any casualties the legal fault of Hamas, and not Israel.

Nour Samaha works for Al-Jazeera, and points out the uncomfortable fact that Hamas is launching rockets from near a hotel with journalists:

It’s a shame when we have to depend on Al-Jazeera for honest reporting:

Of course, it’s easier to simply ignore the Law of Armed Conflict, and screech at Israel for following the law while ignoring the many ways that Hamas breaks it:

Thanks Dirk!

Director for the “Palestine Center” in Washington, DC:

Again, the media works on the ignorance of the common person in order to further their political agenda, instead of actually enlightening their audience with the truth.


Here’s a perfect example of the anti-Israeli bias:

The Reuters article lists all the places that Israel has “targeted”, listing among them:

  • – Dozens of houses and apartment blocks, including one in which nine members of the same family were killed
  • – The Hamas-run interior ministry, destroyed along with civil affairs offices that documented Gaza civilians
  • – Several police stations, evacuated before the fighting by police who redeployed elsewhere

No one bothers to make the point that just because something is destroyed doesn’t mean that was the thing targeted – the very fact that Hamas is launching rockets from near a journalist hotel doesn’t mean that any reporter hurt while Israel defends itself was necessarily “targeted.”

Read more from National Review on how Hamas breaks Laws of Armed Conflict while Israel respects them.
correction: earlier version of this post had “missiles” instead of rockets.

CNBC Analyst: Obamacare Will Increase Individual Rates by 20% to 100% in 2014

On CNBC, investment analyst Carl McDonald from Citi Investment Research who specializes in analysis of the Healthcare industry and insurance providers opines on the frightening increase in healthcare costs ahead of us in 2014 because of Obamacare.


“This doesn’t really impact big companies like Citigroup or CNBC, but what it does impact is people who buy insurance on an individual basis, and the biggest driver is all the changes coming because of healthcare reform in 2014.”

The percentage of increases actually shocks the host when he gets around to them:

“In 2014, we’re looking at an average individual rate increase of around 20%…”

Twenty  percent?!

“…but if you’re one of the youngest, healthiest customers of the insured today, you could easily see your insurance rates rise 100% in 2014…”

For comparison’s sake, healthcare consumers in 2011 experienced a 9% increase, and a 4% increase in 2012. Over the last decade, healthcare premiums have increased by 100%. So for some Americans, their healthcare costs may increase in one year at the rate they increased over the last 10 years.

Our buddy Carl then explains that for lower income Americans, their costs aren’t going to rise as much because there is a government subsidy to help them cover the costs, but these are progressively applied, so if you make $20k a year, the subsidy is very large, but if you make $35k a year, it’s significantly smaller. These subsidies extend to 400% the poverty rate, which is about $80k for a family of four.

“I don’t get the sense that people recognize that these higher rates are necessarily coming…”

No kidding, sister.

h/t to St. Louis Ray on the Twitters

Four California Men Arrested on Terrorist Charges; Islamic Youtube Of Accused Criticize “Innocence of Muslims” Vid

From NY Daily News:

LOS ANGELES – Four Southern California men have been charged with plotting to kill Americans overseas and in the United States by joining Al Qaeda and the Taliban in Afghanistan, federal officials said Monday.

The defendants were arrested for plotting to bomb government facilities and public places after federal authorities uncovered their plans to engage in “violent jihad,” FBI spokeswoman Laura Eimiller said.

According to a federal complaint unsealed Monday during their initial appearances, Sohiel Omar Kabir, 34, introduced two other California men to the radical Islamist doctrine of Anwar al-Awlaki, a deceased Al Qaeda leader.

The two, Ralph Deleon, 23, and Miguel Alejandro Santana Vidriales, 21, converted to Islam in 2010 and began engaging with Kabir and others online in discussions about jihad, including posting radical content to Facebook and expressing extremist views in comments.

In one online conversation, Santana told an FBI undercover agent that he wanted to commit jihad and expressed interest in a jihadist training camp in Jalalabad, Afghanistan.

The complaint also alleges the men went to a shooting range several times, including a Sept. 10, 2012, trip in which Deleon told a confidential FBI source that he wanted to be on the front lines overseas and use C-4, an explosive, in an attack. Santana agreed. Continue reading

Washington Post Mischaracterizes Quote to Smear Marco Rubio

It is a surprise to no one that the left will do everything they can to attack and destroy one of the greater threats to their stranglehold on the minority vote: Marco Rubio.

Rubio recently spoke to GQ about a range of topics including what his favorite rap songs are.

When they asked him about the age of the Earth, he responded:

I can tell you what recorded history says, I can tell you what the Bible says, but I think that’s a dispute amongst theologians and I think it has nothing to do with the gross domestic product or economic growth of the United States. I think the age of the universe has zero to do with how our economy is going to grow.

But that’s not what you’ll hear out of the Washington Post:

In point of fact, he was specifically talking about the Biblical narrative that the world was created in 7 days, NOT what the actual age of the Earth is:

“I think parents should be able to teach their kids what their faith says, what science says. Whether the Earth was created in 7 days, or 7 actual eras, I’m not sure we’ll ever be able to answer that. It’s one of the great mysteries.”

By applying this comment which has to do with how the Earth was created to the age of the Earth, the Washington Post’s sleight of hand serves to delight it’s half-witted liberal readers by approving their stereotype of religious conservatives.

The narrative gets taken up by noted leftist moron Matt Yglesias who further embellishes it:

And this is repeated ad nauseum by the nauseating left.

Of course Marco Rubio is stupid for defending someone’s right to teach their children their religious beliefs. Meanwhile, we just elected a president who can’t do eighth grade math…

Others on this topic:
The Right Sphere: Marco Rubio and GQ’s “Gotcha!” Question
El Tercer Riel – On Rubio, GQ, and Brown Noise

Chupacabrita Says Merry Christmas!!

Yes, even the mysterious cryptozoological creature of Latin American lore celebrates Christmas. For those gringos who are unaware, the chupacabra is a mythical urban legend that translates to “goatsucker” in English, for its reported penchant for sucking the blood from goats and other small woodland animals.

Still cute though.

t-shirt available!!!

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