More Obama Social Media Chicanery! New Year’s Pic Recycled from 2 Years Ago!

Early on the evening of New Year’s Eve, the official Barack Obama account tweeted this lovely and romantic pic of some guy with enormous ears and what seems like Michelle Obama:


If the picture doesn’t automatically load for you, CLICK HERE to see it.

I say some guy with enormous ears, because it couldn’t have been Obama, since he was in Washington DC to try to negotiate the Fiscal Cliff deal, and the Mooch was in Hawaii vacationing on the taxpayer dime!

So who is that guy?!?!?

To make it even more odd, this picture was tweeted very early in the evening at 7:00pm Eastern time – it was hardly dark in DC, [as was noted here and here], and what’s more, Hawaii is 5 timezones earlier, so it was merely 2:00pm Hawaii time!!!

So why was Barack Obama tweeting some weird pic of his wife mooch hanging out with some big eared guy from the night before New Year’s Eve?!?!

This is a conspiracy of monumental proportions.

Or… maybe Obama is too lazy to shoot a real pic, and they just trotted out an old pic from 2010:

It’s not even from another New Year’s Eve celebration, it’s from the Fourth of July!!

This is the first time the Obama team lazily sent out old photos – they actually had the audacity to insult the memory of Neil Armstrong by doing the same when he passed away earlier this year.

I like my conspiracy theory explanation better though…


h/t @RememberComeNov of POLITOMIX!!

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