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The Strange Circumstances Surrounding Secretary Clinton’s “Diplomatic Illness”

Immediately after the State Department claimed that Hillary Clinton had contracted a stomach illness and would not be testifying at the congressional investigations into Benghazi, conservatives have wondered aloud whether this was merely a scheme to keep her from testifying.

In fact, news media wasted no time in reporting that she would not be able to testify. Then they reported that she would be able to testify. Then her stomach illness turned into a concussion after she fainted, and again, this resulted in her being unable to testify.

Outside of the narrative being pitched to the media by the State Department of Clinton’s ailments, there are three theories about what might actually be happening:

1) The previously mentioned belief that these many ailments are being made up in order to keep Hillary Clinton from testifying at the Benghazi hearings seem to bear some validity, as officials have reversed course a few times on whether she would testify.

Since 3 lower level State Department officials have supposedly resigned while Clinton “healed” from her maladies, will she not be required to testify anymore?

2) Another theory floated before her illness was that the US had planned to legally recognize the Syrian Opposition Coalition, and the excuse to miss this meeting might have given the Obama administration the cover to give the coalition a merely political recognition.

3) The most conspiratorial story comes from supposed rumors originating in Tehran and the Gulf Emirates that Hillary suffered injury from a plane crash as they were landing to meet with Iranian president on a secret mission. According to these unsubstantiated rumors, Navy Seal Commander Job W. Price was killed during this crash – his death has since been reported as a suicide.

This seems rather far-fetched, but has also been reported supposedly on a military report from the Kremlin, and substantiated by a report of the plan crash as well.

Here’s an odd coincidence that might also substantiate the claim that Hillary was on a secret mission to Iran. Prior to her “stomach illness,” here last public appearance was while visiting government officials in Ireland – very soon afterward, Ahmadinejad met with Ireland’s new ambassador to Iran. It could be that Ireland was helping bring this meeting to fruition – in this same timeframe, Clinton was scheduled to meet the Syrian Opposition Coalition, and Pakistan’s president was scheduled to meet with Ahmadinejad.

Were all these meetings a coincidence?

The State Department releases 4 videos of Hillary Clinton after her illness for different diplomatic purposes – they seem to be recorded on the same day, as she’s wearing the same clothing, and nothing in the background seems to change. Two of these are released on the tenth of December (here and here) and two are released on the twelfth (here and here). I can’t find any video or pictures of Hillary released after these.

Another piece to the puzzle – way back during the second presidential debate, Obama admitted to his questioner in private that he knew the State Department official who turned down the Benghazi security request – would he have known this if it were a lower level official?

Here’s a quick timeline of events:

THURS DEC 6th 2012: Hillary Clinton in private comments with NGOs, accuses Russia of intending to return to a “sovietization” of nations in it’s region. Putin was not happy.

THURS DEC 6th 2012: Hillary Clinton delivers speech in Dublin Ireland.

FRI DEC 7th 2012: Hillary Clinton meets with Representatives in Belfast, Ireland.

SAT DEC 8th 2012: It’s reported that the Pakistani’s President’s trip to Iran is postponed for unknown reasons.

SUN DEC 9th 2012: Hillary Clinton takes ill, and postpones meeting with “Friends of Syria” in Marrakesh planned for Monday by one day – she doesn’t make the postponed meeting.

SUN DEC 9th 2012: Iranian President Ahmadinejad has public meeting with Ireland’s new Ambassador to Iran.

MON DEC 10th 2012: The State Dept. holds a press conference – the Marrakesh meeting is mentioned, and there are no signs that Hillary will miss it.

Spokesperson Nuland specifically answers a question from Fox News about whether or not we provided weapons to Syrian rebels – she was very clear that we did not, and seemed annoyed at the question.

Nuland seems to sidestep the question of whether or not the US has helped other countries supply weapons to Syria.

TUES DEC 11th 2012: Hillary Clinton misses Marrakesh meeting with “Friends of Syria” – William Burns takes her place.

TUES DEC 11th 2012: The State Dept. holds a press conference – Spokesperson Nuland acknowledges that William Burns will replace Hillary at her planned meetings.

Nuland reiterates that our support in Syria is “nonlethal” in nature, but says that these options are considered to be on the table for Obama.

WED DEC 12th 2012: The State Dept. holds a press conference; Nuland says she has a very uncomfortable stomach virus, but it’s not “life-threatening.” She also reiterates firmly that the Syrian Opposition Coalition has received only political support and not legal support from the United States.

WED DEC 12th 2012: The United States recognizes the Syrian Opposition Coalition only politically, and stops short of legally supporting them.

WED DEC 12th 2012: Bill Clinton speaks at the Dell Annual Conference – he’s very lively and genial, not showing any signs of distress.

SAT DEC 15th 2012: Fox News reports that Hillary Clinton has suffered a fainting spell that resulted in a concussion.

MON DEC 17th 2012: It’s reported that Hillary will be able to testify after she feels better.

WED DEC 19th 2012: Hillary Clinton releases statement accepting resignation of 4 officials implicated in the Benghazi attack. The security at Benghazi was called “grossly inadequate” but did not implicate any higher level officials at the State Department.

FRI DEC 21st 2012: Chelsea Clinton interviews Rick Warren on same-sex marriage – she doesn’t seem distressed at all.

SUN DEC 23rd 2012: CNN reports on the apparent suicide death of Seal Commander Job W. Price in Afghanistan on Saturday. No connection to Hillary is made.

TUES DEC 25th 2012: Chelsea Clinton tweets a Christmas message – neither Bill or Hillary are pictured.

SUN DEC 30th 2012: Hillary’s Spokesperson Phillip Reines releases a statement admitting the brain clot discovered as a result of her concussion.

MON DEC 31st 2012: DEBKAfile reports on the speculation that Job W. Price died while on a secret mission guarding Hillary Clinton in Iran.

MON DEC 31st 2012: Chelsea Clinton first tweets about Hillary at the hospital. Bill Clinton is “believed” to have visited, but no evidence is presented of this.

TUES JAN 1st 2013: Reports and pictures of Chelsea looking distraught after visiting Hillary at the hospital.

WED JAN 2nd 2013: After four days in the hospital, Clinton is said to be recovering very well.