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Nuclear Armed India Accused of Attacking Nuclear Armed Pakistan

This could be a big deal, or it could be swept under the rug:

ISLAMABAD (AP) — The Pakistani military is accusing forces from neighboring India of crossing the boundary between the two sides’ forces in Kashmir and attacking a Pakistani border post, killing a soldier.

The military’s public relations office said in a statement Sunday that another Pakistani soldier was critically wounded in the incident early Sunday.

They said troops are still exchanging gunfire in the area.

They said the raid crossed the “line of control” dividing the Indian and Pakistani sides of Kashmir, a flashpoint of violence between these two neighbors for decades.

Both claim the region as their own.

A 2003 cease-fire ended the most recent round of fighting.

Each side occasionally accuses the other of violating it by lobbing mortars or shooting across the LOC, but accusations of cross-border raids are rare.

India and Pakistan have had a long rivalry, and they’re especially sensitive about Kashmir.  Both were able to achieve nuclear arms without the blessing of the global community, especially Pakistan. Also it must be noted that Pakistan is none too happy about the United States getting Osama Bin Laden right under their noses, and while they are not officially deriding our drone strikes, there are a lot Pakistanis who are upset about their government’s tacit approval.

h/t Bryan Suits of  the @DarkSecretPlace