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Liberals Take Glee in Murder of Gun Enthusiast, Father of 2-Year-Old

This is how bad the media has demagogued the gun control issue – when a gun enthusiast is murdered, liberals laugh with glee:

 This got 2 “retweets” and 12 “favorites” on twitter.

What this account and others like it are mocking is the murder of 32-year old Keith Ratliff, who had managed a popular YouTube channel about guns [emphasis added]:

Keith Ratliff, who was a business partner at FPSRussia, YouTube’s ninth most popular channel with more than three million active subscribers and a combined half billion views, was discovered on a rural road in Carnesville, Georgia.

Ratliff had a single gunshot wound the head and police are treating his death as a homicide.

A producer behind a popular gun enthusiast YouTube channel was found dead with a single gunshot wound to the head at his business last week.

Police in Georgia are investigating the apparent homicide of Keith Ratliff, a 32-year-old Franklin County resident.

“It’s really heartbreaking, and everything I see, or any kind of memorable thing — I mean, I just break down,” Amanda Ratliff, the victim’s wife, told MyFoxAtlanta. “He had such a life to live, and such a good life to live, and things to look forward to.”

A quick look at the comments at the Daily Mail and you’ll get an excellent view of the “sympathy” and “compassion” gun control advocates have for us who believe in our constitutional rights:

Stay classy, liberals… showing that incredible compassion that the Left has for those who disagree with them politically.

This is exactly the kind of crass and inhuman response that gun crime advocates want Americans to have – demonizing responsible, legal gun owners and equating them with the crazed criminals that commit crimes.

Here’s some from HuffPo:

Sure let’s throw racism into there – except the vast majority of blacks murdered are by from other blacks.


Here are some other tweets:


If you’re interested in some facts about gun violence and crime in America, check out my infographic here.