Anti-Gay Child Molestation Story Gets FIVE Times As Much Exposure As Pro-Abortion Child Sex Molestation Story

A tale of two disgusting, evil, terrible people. My purpose is not to report the evil acts they committed – you can find plenty of articles about either story. The timing of these stories, and their similarity give us an opportunity for an insight about social media use for a political agenda.

One is was a leader in the pro-abortion movement. The other is a lawyer that worked for an pro-Christian traditional organization, labeled as as “anti-gay.”

I wonder which will get more exposure?

These are two searches I ran for articles on both stories. About 98 tweets are counted at the bottom of a tweetdeck column – the story about the “anti-gay” lawyer got that many tweets in 3 hours and 39 minutes, while the story about the pro-Abortion leader got that many in seventeen hours.*

I’m not saying this is scientific by any means, but I think it’s indicative of how well the Left spreads their propaganda.

Why is that? I think the Left is just better at pushing their anti-conservative stories than we are.

Of course they get lots of help:



Their stories get mainstream push, while ours are relegated to grassroots media:


Oh, by the way…

The “anti-gay” attorney was arrested in November, nearly two months ago and the story has more coverage now than the pro-abortion leader who was arrested 2 days ago.


*this tweet at the bottom of one column was created 17 hours ago, other story’s 98th tweet was created 3 hours 30 mins at the time of screencapping. That’s a ratio of 98 tweets per 219 minutes, to 98 tweets to 1070 minutes, or 219/1020, or .2049, or approximately 5 times as many tweets.