ABC/Univision “Journalists” Lie About Paul Ryan’s Rubio Plan Endorsement to Make Him Appear Racist

Marco Rubio releasing details of his immigration plan this weekend was met with some objections, and a lot of approval, including my own.

Inevitably, the press is going to take every opportunity to smear the GOP and derail them on this very important issue.

Paul Ryan endorsing the plan gave them just such an opportunity:

Cristina Costantini is the national affairs correspondent at ABC/Univision, and her attempt to smear Paul Ryan was immediately taken up by her colleague, Jordan Fabian:


If you go to the link they posted however, you don’t find that Paul Ryan is guilty of calling all immigrants “undocumented”:

Here are his exact words, with emphasis added:

Senator Rubio is exactly right on the need to fix our broken immigration system. I support the principles he’s outlined: modernization of our immigration laws; stronger security to curb illegal immigration; and respect for the rule of law in addressing the complex challenge of the undocumented population. Our future depends on an immigration system that works.

He is obviously not referring to all immigrants as “undocumented” – he’s including them because any immigration policy has to deal with the issue of illegal aliens. Why would they purposely mislead on this issue? Because they know immigrants and some minority groups are angered when anyone equates all immigrants with illegal aliens.

It is so clear that even a Univision/ABC “journalist” could see it, but only if they want to, not if they just want to smear the GOP.