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Obama Sends Out Leftist Clergy Indoctrinated in Alinsky Tactics to Support Gun Control, Immigration Policies


Without much fanfare this morning, 80-100 clergy met with White House officials to help organize his push for his gun-grabbing measures:




This was part of a program to help Obama with his gun grabbing schemes. PICO is another leftist entity bent on repurposing faith groups into forgetting about Jesus and get into the “community organizing” business.

Where does PICO get it’s inspiration? Why, from Saul Alinsky of course!! Alinsky taught them to set aside their spiritual mission and focus on organizing communities.  He taught them the definition of change:

 “All change means disorganization of the old and organization of the new.”

Kinda eerie when applied to Obama, who was a devotee of Alinsky. Especially when applied to gun laws, the 2nd amendment and the constitution itself. If change only comes through dismantling or deconstructing traditional institutions and principles – like the constitution, for instance. Is it any coincidence that the left continues to disdain the constitution and call for it’s replacement, even as Obama had argued that the founders argued against absolute truth in the constitution.


But back to the lefty alinskyite army of clergy!

In an earlier meeting, PICO got their marching orders from the General Dimwit of Gun Grabbery, Joe Biden!

McBride said Biden shared some thoughts on the White House’s proposal to curb gun violence, which includes universal background checks and bans on assault weapons with a possible ammunition component. Biden also expressed the need for faith leaders to appeal to all Americans to eventually pass legislation that will meet that goal.

How might they meet that goal?

In a paper from the PICO website, the Alinsky model is used to displace the traditional religious mission, and replace it with envy of the wealthy while preaching about the parable of the Good Samaritan! It explains:

When it comes to the practice of community organizing in the US, credit must be given to Saul Alinsky who is considered by most organizers to be the grandfather of community organizing. As such, many of the PICO principles that underlie Faith-based organizing can be found in Alinsky’s book, Rules for Radicals.

 Pastor McBride, whose tweet I quoted above, attended both meetings, and explained in a blog the very active political role they’ll be playing:

If we had 20 people to call their local senator or congressperson everyday about this issue — every single day — your local senator or congressman would actually change their decision. I’m talking about all over this country. It’s really important just for us to learn how the system works and to inject ourselves when we have opportunities. There is a truth and an opportunity in this moment. We need the laws changed, we need the behaviors changed and we need them all to understand that we are going to be very much active in this process. We’ve been traveling the country, meeting with families, meeting with clergy, and everyone says the same thing — we need to stop this violence.

He sure does like Feinstein’s draconian gun legislation.

Here’s another pastor describing the training they’re receiving:

Unfortunately, their only answer is to strip their fellow Americans of their God-given rights, ironically.

They did receive some coverage from the Washington Post, but surprisingly, none of their Alinskyite inspiration was mentioned:

A diverse national coalition of faith groups on Tuesday launched an initiative aimed at curbing the bloody tide of violence and gun-related deaths that has plagued cities across the country for decades.

“We have a moral imperative to heal our souls from this scourge of gun violence,” said Pastor Michael McBride, head of the Lifelines to Healing campaign, which comes under the umbrella of PICO, a national faith-based network of community organizations in 150 cities and 17 states.

And what is the main source of all this gun violence? Personal responsibility for one’s actions? NO!!! It’s because racism!! Of course!

In recent weeks, some white faith leaders lobbying Congress for gun-control measures after the Newtown, Conn., school massacre have expressed regret for being largely absent on the issue as gun deaths ravaged primarily black and impoverished urban communities.

Several of the pastors made reference to this lack of leadership in their remarks.

Troy Jackson, director of Ohio Prophetic Voices, said that it is time to move the discussion beyond the Second Amendment.

“Far too many white evangelicals have been indifferent when it comes to the suffering and pain in urban America. We need to repent!” said Jackson, whose clergy network focuses on issues of economic and social justice.

Notice how it’s written – only recently have white people realized that their racism has been making black men kill other black men! Of course!! And who do they cite, why, Troy Jackson, who’s been saying that for five years. So. Not really “recently” or because of Newtown.

Take a quick look at the website for his “ministry” – it’s supported by partnerships with local Unions and Progressive Think Tanks, but of course, he wants to move “beyond partisan politics.”


As the dominant narrative of individualism, scarcity and fear underpins a public agenda to limit government, increase the amount of private wealth for the few and sow division through racism and exclusion, we must put forth a bold vision grounded in our deepest faith values.

Yeah, beyond “partisan politics.”

Also beyond the constitution. Because Jesus. And because racism.

Amazing how leftists scream and screech about the wall of separation between church and state until President Mompants uses religious groups to push their extremist agenda, isn’t it?