Update On the Manhunt for Chris Dorner in Big Bear

Nothing much happened today in the manhunt for the cop-murdering scum Chris Dorner. The two ski resorts were allowed to stay open, but schools in the Big Bear school district were closed.

Yesterday there were 125 police officers searching for Dorner in the woods around Big Bear. Heavy snow has set into the San Bernardino mountains, and Big Bear, where he is suspected of being, is covered in it. There’s over a foot already, and it doesn’t show any signs of letting up.



It has been freezing overnight, and it’s hard to think Dorner could survive without some shelter:


But maybe he made his own shelter – I haven’t seen any report of the following rumor except from twitter:


This would seem to fit the odd answers that were given at the press conference yesterday after the authorities confirmed that the truck discovered burning in the woods was indeed Dorner’s. When asked about tracks that were found leading away from the truck, and where they led to, San Bernardino Sheriff John McMahan would not answer the question – was it because it led to a bunker that they didn’t want Dorner to know they had discovered?

UPDATE: Police are now saying that it wasn’t his tracks, but that of a cross-country skiier, and were 6 miles away from the truck.

It has been reported by KFI news that normally only 40% of the residences in Big Bear are continuously used over the year – that means that he could have been able to break into an empty cabin and hide out. There are 100 police going from door to door, searching for any signs of him.

Meanwhile, the “This Ain’t Hell” blog has what they are reporting to be Dorner’s military records. Among those who know something about the military, it is said his record isn’t alarmingly impressive. This would fit some assessments that his manifesto had been over-stuffed with technical terms to make it appear that he knew more than he actually did.

And all the Big Bear residents can do is hope they see Dorner before he sees them:


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