Media Matters’ Oliver Willis is So Irrelevant, His Boss Doesn’t Know His Twitter Handle

On Sunday night, Red Eye raconteur Greg Gutfeld got into a twitter feud with Oliver Willis, the dim-witted “research fellow” at liberal anti-thought-tank, Media Matters. As with most liberals, Oliver could only come back with idiotic and libelous claims about Gutfeld, who is more than resilient enough to defend himself.

Read the entire exchange at the Twitchy site.

What I found funny is that one of Andrew Breitbart’s favorite pendejo dartboards, Eric Boehlert jumped in, to try to mock Gutfeld as well:


Of course, the bungling moron doesn’t even know Oliver Willis’ twitter handle – it’s ‘@OWillis’, not ‘@OliverWillis’… whoever he tweeted is some random basketball player in Oklahoma.

When part of your mission is social media outreach, and you can’t even properly identify your staffers, well… you probably work for Obama..

Here’s some nicknames for Oliver Willis to help Boehlert remember:

“The Unknown Fellow!”

“Phantom of the Political Opera!”

“He, Whose Twitter Name Shall Not Be Uttered!”

You guys got any?