Why is Obama Releasing 24% of Criminal Illegal Aliens Because of 8% Sequester Cut to ICE?!

One of the more maddening headlines in this fake sequester crisis is how ICE is releasing thousands of illegal alien criminals who are slated for deportation. This is an obviously unnecessary ploy in order to force the GOP to concede to Obama’s ridiculous tax increases.

What’s more infuriating is that the maggot lapdog media goes along with the plan, trying to scare Americans, when these cuts are completely gratuitous – in all the reporting, there isn’t any mention of the actual cut in the budget for ICE – I had to find a reference to the cut from 4 months ago:

The sequestration cut to ICE would be $454 million , which is only 8% of the 2012 budget of $5.65 billion.

So why are they threatening to let free thousands of criminal illegal aliens at a rate greater than that?

From ICE’s official website:

In Fiscal Year 2011, ICE received approval for a total funded average daily population of approximately 33,400 detention beds. The average daily population increased by nearly 20 percent from an average of 27,990 in Fiscal Year 2007 to an average of 33,330 in Fiscal Year 2011.

For that budget cut of 8%, they’re threatening the public with 24% of detainees being let free:

ICE reportedly plans to reduce their available beds to 25,700 from their current 34,000.

And yet, when Janet Napolitano presented her budget for DHS just a few weeks ago, ICE had a 2% budget cut, with this result:

Decreased funding for detention from 34,000 beds daily to 32,800 and increase use of Alternatives to Detention.

So a 2% decrease in budget for ICE results in 1,200 reduction of detention beds, but an 8% results in nearly 10,000 a reduction?

As I’ve noted before, math is hard, but hope is easy for democrats:

Why does president chicken little get away with screech that the illegal alien criminal sky is falling? Because none of the major press outlets ever report these numbers to give these claims any context – they only report how many illegal criminals would be set free:

Even Fox News doesn’t report them:

It’s being reported that most of these detainees are being released in California, New Jersey, Texas, and Florida, though Sheriff Babeu in Arizona has also indicated that many have been released there already.


In Arizona, 300 illegals have been released. In the report above, one who was released was told to just tell them where he was going to stay.