Los Angeles Morning Talk Host: Al Gore Only Doing Interviews With No Al-Jazeera Questions

Morning talk show host and News regurgitator Bill Handel loudly declared that he had been slated to interview Al Gore, but turned it down once he heard the prince of hypocrisy’s demand – that he not be asked about Al Jazeera acquiring his leftist cable network, Current TV.

“How the hell can you not ask about Al Jazeera?!?” – the big-mouthed Bill screamed on KFI AM 640.

This must be a new policy, as he had been getting hammered on all sides from the left and right for the hypocritical move of selling out to Arab oil interests after haranguing everyone on Earth and their mothers to stop producing global warming and go back to living in caves.

Some have claimed that he has gone so far as to support Sharia Law, but this may be a misunderstanding of a parody video created by churlish charlatans:

I’ll try to post audio from Bill Handel’s show when it becomes available, and if interest warrants.